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City of Toronto want Liberty Group to run Casa Loma for 20 years... Bottle service!


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It appears Nick Donato's Liberty Group is going to get a 20 year lock on the management of Casa Loma.

Agenda Item History - 2013.EX35.2

For those of you not familiar with LG, it includes C Lounge, Tattoo, Velvet Underground, The Phoenix, Libert Grand, Rosewater, and other properties.

Another new concert or event space? Bottle service?
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i don't mind. if the liberty group can spruce it up a bit and keep it as an event venue then fine.

they should turn part of it into a boutique hotel too.


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this is a great idea, the space / property is completely underused

i forget the name but the old citadel / walled village thing in barcelona which has a bunch of event / rave venues in it is awesome
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