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Citrix Application: gotomypc tracking question


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Maybe someone with networking expertise could help me out...

If I am using gotomypc to access a remote server to use the browser there, can my browsing be still pinged to the router which is monitoring my internet browsing?

Hopefully, that made sense to someone out there - this is what I'm using right now. Network admin said yes, but I am still searching for the truth out there!
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Not easily AFAIK - gotomypc is encrypted like WebEx, yeah? In that case it'd be like using an RDP session.

Network admins could, theoretically, see what's up by looking at your OS screen/KB input, but if they do not have access to the system you're using remotely, they won't be able to pull your browsing history or anything...

Surfing porn at work?


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LMFAO - long story short basically a "f-u" to my drunken idiot boss, who started accusing me of low productivity due to chatting with other co-workers in remote offices [ also not true ]