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~*...cirque du soleil...vegas...*~

that 420 guy

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while in vegas i was tempted to see one of the four cirque du soleil shows, but my pocket book just couldn't handle it.

mystere at treasure island
tickets start at $60

ka at the mgm grand
tickets start at $99

zumanity at new york new york
tickets start at $65

"o" at the bellagio
tickets start at $93.50

has anyone been to any of the cirque du soleil shows in vegas? how was it? if you've been to more than one, which one did you enjoy the most? how did the show compare to corteo, alegria, or varekai?

this month's issue of Z!NK magazine had a special on vegas, including a showcase of the cast for each of the cirque du soleil shows there. the photographs are breathtaking. grab yourself a copy if any of the shows or these pix inspire you.

- that radically expressive guy


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i so wanted to see "O" while i was there. Unfortunately none of my friends could 'spare the cash' while they were busy losing thousands of dollars playing Blackjack. The theatre where "O" is shown was built specifically for the show which is supposed to be just utterly unbelievable.

that 420 guy

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Originally posted by Bass-Invader
The theatre where "O" is shown was built specifically for the show which is supposed to be just utterly unbelievable.
cirque du soleil in, on, and above water. too fukkin kewl.

- that not a gambling kinda guy


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We checked out Zumanity last year. Its extremely sensual and erotic. Most of the seats in the theatre are comfy 2 seaters for couples. The main theme of the show is that sensuality can come from people of all kinds, no matter your age or size. They spice it up with some s&m stuff too ;) We enjoyed every minute of it.


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I've been to Ka, 'O', and Mystere.

All were fantastic.

I'd have to say Ka was my favourite.

For all the hype that is the "water stage" of 'O', Ka just blew my mind.

The hydrolic stage and everything that it was used for was insane. The story is the most coherent and mesmerizing of all Cirque shows (i.e. it actually has a story line as opposed to "a boy is wisked away to a mgical land where whacky stuff happens" like all the other cirque shows). The surround sound speakers mounted into every seat was just crazy as well. and any fan of hong kong cinema will appreciate all the fight coreography in Ka.


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Originally posted by that 420 guy
how did the show compare to corteo, alegria, or varekai?
The main thing is, since they have a permanent venue, they can get so much more creative with the stage.

You couldn't pull off Ka or 'O' on the road. Even Mystere has a multi leveled (albeit basic) hydraulic stage to assist with the performances.


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i used to live in old quebec city.
one night i was walking home after a long day of working for my moms company (ghost tours of quebec), i was in a tophat and tails with a cain.
next thing i know i have two people in full leotards with masks on stilts that look like tree trunks, reaching down and holding my hands and escorting me home.

was very cool

not so cool: when i got home, i went up to my room and looked out my window and one of them was standing there giggling at me.


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man oh man...

I would LOVE to be in vegas to see all of those shows!! I wouldn't even gamble :p