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cinnimon flavoured toothpaste...


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Incase you hadn't alredy noticed, crest came out with three new flavours of toothpaste.... Cinnimon, Citrus and Herbal mint...

i bought the cinnimon one and..... I LOOOOOVE IT!! I feel like brusing my teeth all the time, its sooo yummy. Nice change from the standard mint.....

only downfall.... it doesn't leave that ultra fresh feeling in your mouth as the classic tounge-burning mint.... but i'll deal with that...

anyone else tried the other flavours? thoughts? comments?

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the natural brands of toothpaste have had cinamon for a long time....

I don't espcially like it. the kind made of real mint is nice. (like tom's of maine)


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Originally posted by stir-fry
the new arm and hammer total clean stuff is kinda cinammon tasting.
but it leaves your mouth fresh too :)

must try that.... i had no idea about that one thanks!!!:D


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mmm I'll try this...I love cinnamon.

Citrus and herbal I'll stay away from.

Another good one is that new aquafresh...it tastes kind of weird (a cross between cinnamon and citrus) but DAMN does your mouth ever feel clean after. It foams up so much in mouth that you kind of feel like a rabbid dog.

The Tesseract

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I had some psycho telling me that i should order the new Cinnamon listerine strips back before christmas.

"Uhhh i'll take your word for it sir, but we don't do the ordering here"
"oh... but still, you should order it! it's the most amazing stuff ever"
"i bet it is" *walks away*
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