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cinematic orchestra


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this was a free show as part of the JVC jazzfest @ harbourfront ... not sure how much it applies here ... but weren't they dope??

I only caught the tail-end of this electronic sample-jazz outfit, but I found their performance "fly," "fresh," and "rad," as the kids today would say. very chiiillll.

that 420 guy

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i was there last night at harbourfront enjoying the cinematic orchestra as well.

man, what an incredible show.

the fusion of live music with a dj, not to mention jazz funkiness, made last night very memorable.

we live in one of the kewlest cities int he world. free festivals for all to enjoy.

i'll be back there on friday to groove it up.


- that single cell orchestra guy


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I really wish I had gone to see this, I am really getting back into Ninja tune stuff recently, but my freakin' summer school exams are getting in the way of my fun. Ah, well there is always Jazzanova and Pocket Dwellers next week, although those ain't free.

On a side note I think it is great that the Toronto Jazz festival is opening up to some more diverse sounds. Hope to see more of it in the future... Maybe we could get Breakbeat Era here next year.


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Speaking about the Jazz Festival opening up.. if you liked Cinamatic Orchestra, there's a whole slew of amazing Jazz Festival related events happening over the next couple weeks. Including Jazzanova, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Gilles Peterson (tonight@Roxy), Bobby Matos (Saturday night @ Una Mas), Osunlade, and DJ Smash on Sunday night which we are presenting along with Downtown Jazz @ Una Mas... check http://www.poundhouse.ca/bns.html for details. Awesome couple weeks in store for all music lovers!