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Cindy Lauper and Rod Stewart @ Bud Stage (10/08/18)


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Last minute tix. Cindy Lauper is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful pipes and a powerful voice for social-justice. Her band have ample chops and she ran through a short set of her biggest hits - including some beautiful numbers that I’d forgotten about. The crowd on the lawns weren’t having any of it. They gabbed through her entire set, missing most of the banter and story-telling aspect. They only wanted Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. They missed out. She kicked ass!

What can be said about Rod Stewart. Still a gyrating sleaze-ball. Super-tight band of rolling funk, rock and traditional Celtic chops. Killer sax. Short-kilted young fiddle-players and back-up singers in tight white tops. Absolutely disgusting. It was as if the audience were supposed to view them as sexual objects. I was DEEPLY offended.

Just kidding! They were super hot and a perfect tit to the tat of the ample cougar and post-cougar, panty-tossing masses, frothing at the mouth and begging for Stewart’s junk. Crowd was RIDICULOUS. Never seen it so packed at the amphitheater. Never seen a wilder bunch of middle-to-golden aged “ladies” lose their shit over a senior citizen. Dude still has a few moves. Many crotch oriented. Some of them are very strange and don’t look comfortable. lol!

All of it just added to the slimy, get-down and dirty ambience though. Dude’s band is big, swingin’ and tight. ...and the man can still emote and hit every note of every one of the hit songs he played from his 50+ year career. Which ones were hits? ALL of them.

Highlight? Stay With Me - The Faces

Never would have bought tix to this. Basically looked at him as a throw-back artist with a heavy dose of recent cheese. Even the cheese was lovely. Glad I had the opportunity to go. :)
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She did a free gig in front of the court house a few years back.
that was an excellent show. she had some serious jam to her.