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Chus & Ceballos @ Club Phoenix


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Holy fuck it's been an insanely long time since I've danced that hard.
Chus & Ceballos tore up the decks madstyles. No a dry body in the house. Hard dancing sweaty fabulous dirty sexy music!
Despite 80% of the crowd having little to no clue, they were obviously digging it.

My buddies and I left around 4 and the night was still going strong. Hot damn.
I wish the club would do things like this more often.

Thanks to my boys for coming out and the club promoters for bringing some awesome talent to London.

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I thought they threw down a great set...

I was pretty hammered, but the nice hard beats had me jammin' all night... i even managed to make it until the lights came on... it seemed as though chus was the more experienced DJ of the two, as he seemed to be in control of the decks for most of the night... nothing but smiles from the both of them all night long and it truly did look like they enjoyed their visit to london...
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you suck for leaving a chus and ceballos set at 4 am on a weekend AND in London time.. of all.

jesus... close out the place.. my guess... they ended at 6 am the latest and then.. the Mayor of the city probably issued a warning for "party overload quota" and fined the UWO just out of spite.



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Maybe he was tired and it was time to go home.

Or maybe he was mackin' a honey and it was time to go home.

I went home at 2 o'clock because I didn't feel like being there any more.

People have reasons that may be beyond your comprehension but I don't know if he really sucks for not staying longer at an event he obviously had a good time at already.

Maybe he didn't want to see stabby, cracked out soccer players getting in fights when the lights came on.


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(just in case it didn't come over right, cuz I just read it and I don't sound as funny as I meant to be)
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