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Christmas gift ideas under $50


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For the cyclist in your life. I have one of these and it is one of the most awesome things for cycling in cold weather! You may get him/her to look like a world war 1 flying ace, but at least their ears will be warm as toast. It also cuts back on wind noise a lot too. $25


Seirus Wind Pro X-Treme Dome Hat (Unisex) - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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From the LCBO


$36.95 with recipes for 35 drinks. More a novelty than anything Quality.


$29.95 Double chocolate vodka


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I just realized that a gift under 50$ that I really really want would be a T-Shirt, with a basic logo that says:



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1) 35 mm "Action Sampler" Lomography Camera ($30 USD)
2) 2x custom mugs (anything really) from Artik
3) 2x moleskine journals (available on Amazon.ca)
4) Indie Coffee Passport ($25 for one coffee/drink at 24 different independent coffee shops in Toronto)
5) Edward Burtynsky's "Manufactured Landscapes" photo book (available on Amazon.ca...$40)

***Polymorph- my strategy is to have giant headphones on while at work, so that you can easily (and reasonably) ignore whoever is trying to talk to you. They will likely feel embarrassed that it appears you can't hear them and they are talking to nobody... hehehe :p


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^is that your list of what you want or what you are getting peeps?

When I was sick I got a journal, now it is just sitting on my shelf because I don't really like writing or anything I would use it for. It's nice but just not my thing.

I like to do homeade gifts, but haven't been inspired this year. Last year we made candles using all the shells, and rocks and beach glass we picked up on our trip to the east coast last summer. They turned out pretty good, and were way under 50 bucks each :)

Might just make some marmalade using sweet tasty clementimes, they always remind me of Christmas!
tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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I heard that Ed Burtynsky has a new show featuring pics from the oil spill in the golf. Not sure if it' already shown in Toronto but it would be worth checking out.


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@lucky1: those are gifts I've gotten people in the past! though i just realized that list probably reflects my love for photography and coffee.

your marmalade idea sounds amazing! you are so talented! mmmmmm

@alexd: yes! I've seen the documentary! it blew my mind.

Dirty Girl

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anymore $20 limit gift suggestions? this one is for friends so it can be cool and fun.
some friends are boys, some are girls. some are married, some are single. some are rich, some are poor. some have houses, some still rent apartments. some even live at home I think.

something other than the usual alcohol?
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