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Christina Lukie won't register

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
She lurks 24/7 on the board. Many of you think she should register. She calls me about comments made. Or MSN's me. Christina, you've been my best friend for 6 years. FUCKING REGISTER ON TRIBE. You know enough people.



TRIBE Member
she told me tonight that she wasn't a lurker, but she (quote:)"didnt' like my post calling her a lurker" :D Too funny.

Chrissy, don't do it. You spend too much time on the phone and internet already. :p If you register, you'll never make it out of your house!
On the other hand, you do know pretty much every one on here....
meh, you're call.

you're such a lurker.... yeah I'm waiting for the phone to ring, well actually I'm going to sleep.