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christian vogel @ Turbo(downstairs)


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This party was ok. Nothing special. When we got there it was kenny vs. algorithm. Nothing special there either. yeah, yeah. Next was Christian Vogel. He was alright, but some of his mixing sucked a fat one. He had some dark shit going, and some breaks. I thought it'd be a pure techno party, so that was good that it wasn't. Turbobitch was there (no surprise). No problems there. PLUR baby. other than she danced in front of the AC and hogged the cold air. The crowd was alright. Kinda packed in the beginning, and thinned out at around 3. Party ended at around 5, so we went upstairs and chilled at that party till about 7. Overall a decent night, which was made better cuz I was with the people I love to party with.


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Producers that can't mix should stay in the studio where they belong, or charge $5 as a token amount for the pleasure of watching the learning curve in progress.

Considering the pomp and ceremony which Mr. Vogel credits himself with in the press he should learn the decks a bit better before taking it on the road.

The soundsystem was maxed-out right outta the gate and he looked confused when the outrageous volume began to cause the tables to feedback... numerous times. I have half a mind to believe that the reason he kept it so loud was that at such a distorted clip we couldn't hear him trainwrecking the mixes (we could).

Also, the drunk and slurring bimbo-mess in the coatcheck (the one that kept falling down and had spittle running down her chin)... LOST MY JACKET!

But that's another thread.

I miss Industry.

genetically modified beit


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Albeit the first 45 mins. or so was a little shaky, I felt he got things under control and really let loose with some dynomite tracks. It was a nice change to hear some interesting techno music.
Techno always seems better in the dark.


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i was annoyed when i arrived at that party that the coat check was full. what's with that?

however, surveying the crowd, i felt comfortable enough to stash my coat behind some speakers.

i had a great time at this event... mostly due to seeing familiar faces.

i couldn't get into mr. vogel's set. it was too all over the place for me (couldn't find my groove), and i'm not a conoisseur of dark techno with screeching industrial tracks.

a good night, none the less.



"share what you know, learn what you don't."


Originally posted by braykbeit:
I have half a mind to believe that the reason he kept it so loud was that at such a distorted clip we couldn't hear him trainwrecking the mixes (we could).

Vogel's style is off-the-wall techno...lots of darkness, lots of elektro, lots of freaky techno. Have you ever heard his productions? Dude's a freak!

Have you ever tried mixing on a maxed out system? Not that that justifies his poor mixing, but in a club with shitty sound like Turbo, what do you honestly expect? Algo and Kenny were trainwrecking too, and the volume was at 80% for their set.

Vogel's all about creating "noise", didn't you read the writeup in eye in advance or check out any of his mixes? He likes the sounds of farts, it makes people happy.

He's a freak. He likes freaky techno

His style wasn't up my alley, to be sure, but it was interesting and unusual.

I don't see why everyone's outraged by his set - what were you expecting, a standard 4/4 techno set?

tommy <-- gave vogel a 6.9/10
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Originally posted by tommy smalls:
Have you ever heard his productions? .

He's a freak. He likes freaky techno

What were you expecting, a standard 4/4 techno set?

With all due respect...

Growing up in the industrial scene , my early reference point for music production is with Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept., Kraftwerk, Front 242, etc.

My respect for Christian Vogel as a producer is what lead me to attend.. I thought I'd hear industrial-edge techno presented with a DJ's grace. My point was that he did not hold himself up to the standards of a talented DJ, be it experimental or not.

I apologize if my arguement is starting to sound tired, but I really do believe that DJ culture in general has (for the most part) brought the standards of music (in general)to vastly new heights. I found Cristian Vogel to be retrogressive in this regard.

Lately, the hype machine hits overdrive every time a producer who's name has been on a Hawtin, Mills or Corola mix comes to town. Most of these guys are wicked producers, but as DJ's they just don't have the chops to charge the $$$ they do. Outside of the studio it appears fabricated and hollow at best... which hurts the scene.

Give me freaky techno (done properly)... or give me death.