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christian smith 2/23 buffalo..


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just thought i'd pass word along.........

(then afterwards ya can come over to Eye Opener and hear SOS and Dose the Alien - more info will be handed out at this if ya go)

silk, the weekly.
saturday, 2-23-2002


(tronic, nyc/stockholm)
-founding father of tronic music and godfather of the swedish techno scene. christian is a 3 turntable technician who specializes in funky tribal techno and tech house. tronic has released music from bryan zentz, misstress barbara, smith + selway, nico awtsventin, brothers yard, jean philippe aviance, angel alanis, ken harada, adam beyer, and cari lekebusch. his own production work has been charted by the likes of carl cox, stryke, sasha, adam beyer, mateo murphy, gaetano parisio, marco carola, and just about any contemporary techno dj. christian is also the man behind "tronic treatment" @ baktun in nyc. the treatment has brought such dj's as oliver ho, the advent, joel mull, marco carola, gaetano parisio, dj dan, misstress barbara, the genie, chris liberator, adam beyer, todd sines, mateo murphy, g-flame, and derrick may just to name a few.

(generic; buffalo)

(dfx network, voted artvoice's #2 dj; buffalo)

(miterecordings.com, dfx network; buffalo)

(deeper standards, secluded music; buffalo)

all taking place at 658 main st., theatre district, downtown buffalo. 9-4AM
18+ / $2 heinekens

9-midnight portion of the show is broadcast live to air on 91.3 FM WBNY and wbny.buffalostate.edu

for more information e-mail bullets@miterecordings.com

hope to see you all there!



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christian smith is probably my favourite techno dj. i really dig his sound. it's just too bad that this is in buffalo, and i have no way of getting there. :(

oh well, c'est la vie...

The Truth

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I see in the notes that his Tronic Treatment night is now at Baktun which I assume is bigger than Guernica..has anyone heard any reviews?

Technocratic Girl

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I have heard the sound system there is MASSIVE- very big and a very good system...!

Sorry for lack of specifics, since I have not been -but heard from Viktor who's also responsible w./ Christian for this event.

Check www.tronictreatment.com - in a few weeks (maybe?) I believe it will launch soon...


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It's a shame that this is going on in Buffalo. Any chance of Christian stopping by Toronto while he's in the area?

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Technocratic Girl

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'Tronic Treats you good'


maybe you can eventually find info. from this site? www.tronictreatment.com
re: christian

poker face

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Way to go B-lo it looks like the boys are keeping the techno real!

I will have to make a trip down there some time soon again!