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Christian Raves


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I just saw this on one of those born again channels - 700 club I think... Some guy in the states is throwing Christian raves to "reveal Jesus to young people". He is calling them "club obsession".

Now I have seen everything.

Ditto Much

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They started in germany in like 94, who'd have guessed the gay men lead the way and the jesus freaks followed suit.

Regardless you know your sub culture is dead when....


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Originally posted by alexd
Now I have seen everything.




..NOW you've seen everything.
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Adam Duke

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yeah, we're trying to get a gig there...

I think we'll surpise them with a disco-y tech house track containing a Simpsons sample:

"You know me, I like my beer cold, my tv loud, and my homosexuals FLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMING!"




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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy

Funny, I can still see a cute little gerbil pretending to sing into a microphone.


This IS good shit.

that's because you loaded the page manually in your browser, then posted the link - it's in your cache

This should learn you. Gerbils are only for bungholes, not for singing.
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I went to a Christian rave at a United church (they're very liberal). Both my friend and I thought it was more sketchy than a regular rave.
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this reminds me of the final story in irvine welsh's "ecstasy" called "the undefeated". there's one character who find's god after a night of heavy E use, and then decides to throw a rave in conjunction with a local church. as it's about to begin:

Woodsy came in a wee bit later with this minister cunt. - This is Reverend Brian McCarthy of East Pilton Parish Church. He's supporting the gig, Woodsy telt us. This straight-peg cunt in a dog-collar grins at us. Ah wondered if he was eckied.

Ah didnae huv long tae wait before findin oot cause Woodsy goes, - Ah've goat some great fuckin good Es here, and handing one over to the Rev., urged him, - Neck it, Bri.
- I'm afraid I can't take.... drugs... the poor cunt sais, looking horrified.
- Neck it man, neck it and find the Lord, says Woodsy.
- Mr. Woods, I can't condone drug-taking in my parish...
- Aye, well whaire's yir parishioners then, eh? Woodsy growled, - Yir church wisnae exactly stowed out when I wis doon last Sunday. Mine wis!

There were some wee kids and some mothers and toddlers coming into the hall. - When's this rave startin then? a woman asked.
- In a wee minute, eh, Amber told her.
- It's great thit thir daein this for the bairns, another mother said.

The minister cunt walked away, leaving Woodsy shouting at him: - Fuckin hypocrite! You've nae spirituality! Dinnae fuckin tell ays otherwise! Satanic cunt in a cloth! Thirs nae church except the church ay the self! Thirs nae medium between man and god except MDMA! Fuckin scam artist!

irvine welsh is a funny guy. :)


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I knew someone that runs a christian youth group who is interested in throwing christian raves.. He actually came down toIdance to see what a "Rave" is like.

they are not as uncommon as you think.
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I've been to a Christian Rave ...
And honestly it was kinda scarey talking to the people who were there ... born again Christians scare me in general ... but that's proabblly why I was scared
There was a live PA and some guy sang about his love for Jesus ... there were also tables set up with bowls of Nacho Chips in the middle of them
And it was in the basement of a church
It was pretty strange cause people were playing tracks that had vocals expressing thier love for Jesus and what not