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Christian Pronovost-Mtl @ hard+soul -Sun.Jan.27th


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taboolife presents:

Sun.Jan.27th, 2002

Christian Pronovost - Mtl
(Inbeat Records)(lost heroes)

residents: hali & rod g.

the livingroom
330 adelaide st.w
cover: $10


In the mid-1980s, when house music was being created in New York and Chicago, a
DJ in Montreal, Canada, took an interest. Most people, many DJs even, still had
no idea what house music was — in those days it was normal for a nightclub to
provide a DJ with records, even — but after spending a few months at the
Paradise Garage in New York City, Christian Pronovost sensed the sound had
wings. In 1986, he opened the In Beat record shop in downtown Montreal, one of
the first record stores in the world with a dedication to this new music. DJs
from across the East Coast and beyond, names like Marshall Jefferson or David
Camacho, came to the city especially to shop there, and within a short time it
became clear to everyone involved that Christian had created not just a place to
buy records, but an institution — a place where fresh sounds were shared, and
fresh ideas were hatched — a temple to the then-new cult of the DJ.

In Beat is still the most important dance record shop in Montreal, bar none. It
is a hub for both local and visiting DJs, like regulars Roger S, Angel Moraes Baby Hec Romero etc... At the same time, the babyfaced Christian remains among the city's most revered DJs and producers, renown for his erudite mixing of house, soul, Latin,
and all things deep. In these days of kids growing up with technics 1200s, a
plethora of digital production tools at their disposal, and the choice of
dipping into more genres than anyone could have imagined before, Christian
stands out as part of an increasingly rare breed — a DJ of history, substance,
education, musical soul, and with the obscene capability to keep on mixing for
12 hours straight. He is the kind of DJ burnished by years of experience: the
sort good enough to play with the world's greatest jockeys, from tag-teaming
with Tony Humphries, Danny Krivitt, Kerri Chandler, Dj Spen to
spinning alongside Little Louie Vega.

His DJing talents have brought him to every important club in Canada, with
residencies at hotspots like Sona, Aria and Stereo, and then around the world: he has
played premium venues such as The End in London, Queens in Paris, the Palladium
in New York, and numerous parties at the annual Miami Winter Music Conference,
Between gigs, Christian has also held down several dance radio shows, on
high-profile Canadian stations such as Q92, CQOI and CKMF.

He has managed to also become a leading consultant on dance culture. He has
worked with ad agencies to choose music for everything from Labatt beer
commercials to station IDs for video music channel Musique Plus. He's also been
a music consultant for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the Canadian
Centre for Architecture (CCA), a judge for the Juno Awards (Canada's Grammys),
and a panelist at the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

In 1999, major-buzz white label records began hitting the clubscape under the
moniker Lost Heroes Project. The records — a fabulously mysterious series
composed of DJ-only versions and reedits of classic and hard-to-get funk, soul
and disco tracks — were immediately beloved by DJs such as Harvey, Doc Martin
and the Body and Soul crew, harking back to the good old days of bootlegs and
underground musical production. The secret is out now— Lost Heroes was created
and produced by Pronovost. Today they are strongly sought after by collectors
everywhere (especially Japan, of course!) Christian is now rumored to be
reviving the Lost Heroes brand with a new project, which will come out under the
name Lost Heroes Re/Cut & with his own original compositions for the LOST HEROES ORGANIZATION.

He is currently sharpening his talents for finding the most obscurely beautiful
sounds imaginable with his own room (the "Deep Room") at new Montreal superclub
Aria. On Saturdays, his 7 hour mixes are known to be eclectic, to say the least:
emenating from his turntables & effects , you may hear bizzarro Disco Not Disco stuff,
Brazilian rhythms, even a little minimal techno, and of course, funk, soul,jazz and
house. Needless to say, the night is already legendary with montly guest d.j.’s (Ron trent, Kerri Chandler,D.j. Spen, Marques Wyatt, ect..) and every Sunday, the kids come into INBEAT asking how they can get "that CRAZY record Christian played last night..."


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by j.schnabel:

Fred Everything coming soon to hard+soul!

When is he coming? I definitely want to catch this, I caught him a couple of times in Montreal and really enjoyed his sets.


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I'd like to see Fred Everything. I asked this before, but I am going to ask again, anyone know if he has a residency in Montreal. I'll be there on this weekend and would be nice to see him play.

Pete &lt;--- hopes Fred Everything's got a residency somewhere on saturday cause Friday night is booked for Deep Dish
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taboolife presents:

Sun.Feb.24th, 2002

Fred Everything - Mtl / Bombay Records

residents: hali & rod g.

hard+soul sunday religion
@the livingroom
330 adelaide st.w/ peter
finest in house music since 1997


DJ/Producer/Remixer (Montreal, Canada)

Montreal-based Fred Everything’s star has been on the rise for several years, and he has become known as one of the most talented producers in the industry thanks to the certain je ne sais quoi he brings into the mix. His remix work with labels like 20:20 Vision, Om, Mantis, Shaboom, Grand Royal, Stereo Deluxe, Turbo, and of course Bombay has garnered him worldwide praise and has created a constant demand for his services. His peerless remix work has been the genesis for From the Deep, the first in a series of albums on Bombay from the best remix artists in deep house music today.

Fred’s career went into orbit since he was cited as having played the best set of 1997’s In The City festival in Glasgow. Now a regular and in demand guest at many of Britain and Europe’s finest underground clubs, Fred has received favourable comparisons to the impact made by Derrick Carter when he entered the UK many years ago.

Dynamic, energetic and precise, Fred’s mixing style incorporates influences like disco, funk, soul and pure house music. A party DJ in every sense, Fred’s enthusiasm for the music he plays always rubs off on the assembled crowds he plays to, and his appearances at Fabric, Basics, SubClub, Tribal Funktion, Moog and Bugged Out will live long in the memories of many people.

As a producer, Fred has enjoyed immense success with his debut album Under The Sun, still selling and re-issued in the U.S. with a video for the song “Revolution” released in April 2001. He has toured in 11 countries to support the album including the UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Vienna, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, the U.S. and Canada.

Also to be released soon is the much-anticipated collaboration with Mark Bell: Bell and Everything and Fred and the Jazz Twit on Shaboom. As well, his collaboration with Soulstice members Andy Caldwell and Gina René (OM records) will be featured on the next Carte Blanche compilation on Naked, compiled by Fred himself. The last Carte Blanche also featured one track off his album (Good Morning) which was also featured on the DJ Fluid‘s comp on Om.

Finally, Fred finished his new mix CD DJ Set 01 on Intonation Recordings, including two exclusive tracks, “Night Lights” and the dub-infused “Our Music” featuring the vocals of Judah Singer. He has also been keeping busy by remixing everyone under the sun including: KemeticJust (Bombay), Random Factor (20:20), AtJazz (Mantis), Joeski (Shaboom), Bran Van 3000 featuring the great Curtis Mayfield (Grand Royal), and Roy Davis Jr.’s classic “Watch Them Come” (Bombay).

n.b. for guestlist before midnight
email: taboolife@hardandsoul.com


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by SneakyPete:
I'd like to see Fred Everything. I asked this before, but I am going to ask again, anyone know if he has a residency in Montreal. I'll be there on this weekend and would be nice to see him play.

Pete &lt;--- hopes Fred Everything's got a residency somewhere on saturday cause Friday night is booked for Deep Dish

I know he has a weekly friday nite at a club called Jinxii... At least he did when i was there back in August.