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Chris Liberator in London at Rage


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We arrived at Rage around 12:30 AM. The club was surprisingly dead and not much was going on. Slowly after 2 AM the place began to fill up and it was rammed by the time Chris stepped on the decks.

I only caught the first hour or so of his set before my girlfriend nearly passed out from sleep deprivation and begged me to leave. I wanted to stay and dance the night away, but sometimes that can't happen.
It was such a shame because at the time I left Chris was ROCKING IT!

It was one of the tightest techno sets I've heard in a while. Even though I'm a prog head at heart, I still like hearing a good techno DJ rip things up.

I felt old though. I almost felt as though I was at a rave when they were actually cool. The crowd was full of 19 year olds and I'm nearly 26. Am I the only 26 year old that goes out anymore?!

How was the rest of his set? We left at around 4 AM and I know he was playing to 5 AM I believe.

Jay K.
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He, he..... OLD ?

Jeez i'm almost 39 n I still have more energy than most of my ( young )friends.
To bad I don't live in London 'cause i'd show yer......
Oh, plus I love Chris Liberator, ever since his set at WEMF in 2000 where he played a track that samples Clint Eastwood,

"Do you feel lucky, punk ?"

I'm always lucky !



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All the power to you man.

I don't live in London either, but (I'm going to sound like I'm bragging)known Chris personally for quite some time, I'll drive pretty near anywhere in a 6 hour radius to go and see him and hear him spin and to catch up on old times.

Last night he was on point though. Best set out of the many I've heard him play.

Still, I couldn't get over the fact that I felt like I was babysitting. Hehe.

Jay K.

Bobby Thrust

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We drove up to London from Toronto immediately after work. I found out about this gig on short notice (like everyone else) and immediately got on board to head down.

Upon getting there we decided to get some rest before the event since we had already had a long day.

We got to the club about 30 minutes before Chris was supposed to go on. I was pleasantly suprised to see some people I know in a city that I have only been to a couple of times. It was also great to walk in to Raw 9 being played by Eklipse. Certainly one of the more crackin tracks of 2001 from Guy The Geezer McAffer. Oh, and Loopdokter was there, but you can't win em all.

Chris began his 3 hour set in a slight haze but the crowd in Rage seemed to be up for it from the start. Albeit, the start was held up for a few minutes with some technical difficulties but once the beat kicked in...all was good.

The set seemed to just get better and better. And the crowd just got louder and louder. I have not seen a crowd this up for it in a long long time and it was really wicked! Hand in the air, screaming and a complete London Techno assualt that had me both dancing like a villain and doing a bit of the Aussie doof dance. I, like everyone else, left the place a sweaty mess.

Rage itself seemed to me like a slightly sketchy, very sweaty version of Sweet Valley High.

You know the night went well after the aged European owner who clearly knew nothing about music was fawning over Chris Liberator and attempting to book him again.

I really quite enjoyed the 3 hour London Techno assualt.

I would have liked to enjoy the set in Ottawa the next night, but i needed to get some sleep for the drive back to Toronto.

In short, Chris Liberator rocked London. I can not wait for Rowland the Bastard and the Geezer to follow in his shoes next month!


Bobby Thrust

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Oh, and Yummi, that track is by Magnum Force (D.A.V.E. the Drummer and DDR). It is called Unlucky Punk and can be found on Stay Up Forever as well as 2 different SUF Remix albums. I have heard that track destroy crowds on three continents. I do not get tired of it myself.
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