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Chris Anderson......50 000 watts of ...........


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PUMPIN' pure insanity!!!
DAY*UM that was great.
He did not disappoint.
It was great seeing everyone out.
Didn't quite expect to be drinking quite as much as I did. oops

I was expecting a large number of people.
It didn't happen. Very unfortunate because he never let up even for a minute the entire two hours.
Satori and Paul Walker, great start to the night.
Jelo, great end to the night.
My legs feel all wobbly and I like it!!
Thanks guys.

Jonny G

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True. This party was siick. We didn't drive down cause we were planning on drinking but we made it just in time for last call =( Oh well, the cab wasn't toooo bad.

Chris Anderson was awesome, it was my first time hearing him live and he didn't dissapoint! Jelo's set was amazing and a really good end to the night. It's too bad that he finished at 4ish instead of 5 though. I went for some water to then come back and dance, but when I got back it was over...

It's all about the J-tothe-E-tothe-L-tothe-O!



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stupid blue moon + their stupid 4.50 heinekens + stupid me drinking them too fast = no chris anderson and stupid stupid stupid.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by beaker:
stupid blue moon + their stupid 4.50 heinekens + stupid me drinking them too fast = no chris anderson and stupid stupid stupid. </font>


Chris Anderson definitly pounded it out last night. That's the kind of house that I like!

And Paul played a great set as well. It's always a pleasure to see Paul play (and I see him play so rarely).

Good night. Good drinking. Good music.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by beaker:
stupid blue moon + their stupid 4.50 heinekens + stupid me drinking them too fast = no chris anderson and stupid stupid stupid.

Hahhahahahahaahahaha... Classic Matt!

I got there very late (3:30) just to find out I missed Anderson (stupid work!). Oh, well. Jelo was rockin' it out though. I was sorry to hear the turnout wasn't quite what was expected, and that's too bad.
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Since I brought my ass home before 3am, i can only comment on these:

Satori=great techno tune in the later part of your set

Paul Walker=a great selection of records, mister- and i can not wait to go to japan with ya

Chris Anderson=the beginning of the set was not really my kinda music. sorry..i just became overly picky about music these days

Svet+Lori=oh god, you guys are soooo cute

i felt like jumping on to you and give you guys some huggle attack when i catch you guys moving dat asss
you go girls!

Rob=Keep moving!
thanks for the invitation, buddy!

@M=nice talking to you in a looong time!
i hope to see your ass and kf's sometime soon for some japanese food @moi place

girl friday+heather and i am sorry, friend of you two! the beautiful kind of course!=you girls are sooo *awww*..i love you guys, already..lol i just do not know what it is, but i just love the vibe! a great kind girls yay!

Cheryl and your friend (oh god, so bad with names..i am sorry!)=it was nice to see you guys there! Cheryl! you are such a beauty! nice to have you in all men jammed bar. it totally brightens up the light and atmosphere with your great smile!

Alchemist=oh you donno, how much help you have given to me! thanks so much..you are pure kindness.

Matt+Pete=nice to see you guys there! it seems we all got tired a bit earlier than the rest eh? hehe

Jake the Snake=i really enjoyed talkin to you, buddy. it showed a lot of good positive inner sweets that you have inside ya. i saw them

the rest of good vibe people- i love you guys!

Jelo=it was nice to talk to you, i am very sorry that i missed your set. but i hope to hear it in a exciting place soon! hehe.

thank you everyone for the good friendly vibe.




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oh god..how can i forget...

I was very happy with the talk we had, james

it seems we never did have somethin like that in person before!
it was great. thanks for sharing with me

i appreciate it! and really *really* hope to talk to you soon, james!




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Came with one objective and objective was fullfilled

Hard stompin tunes. Lots of booze...maybe too much booze!! And excellent company!
Also liked the fact that there was no smokin on the dance floor. Didn't like the fact that almost everyone received a c.d. except me

AH...s'all gewd anyway!
Twas a fabulous night
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nice work guys! There was a pretty good turnout and the par-tay was happening. It too bad the place started clearing out early (around 3am or so) typical booze crowd I guess, of which I find myself guilty! Chris was nice and smooth, his track selection amazing. Jelo was the perfect follow up, pickin it up without a problem.

when's the next one?

Peace & love. D
Maybe I drank too much, but I had a tough time getting myself 'into' the evening. I was expecting a jammed, rocking house, but as others have mentioned, it was more of an intimate crowd and party. Chris Anderson was pretty good as was Jelo which was nice.

boyblu, if it is any consolation to you, I didn't get a cd either.

Adam Duke

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Fun stuff!
Satori was great (played a different selection of records than I'd expected - LOVED the Tribal Storm!). Paul Walker was actually MY set of the night, banging funky hard techno! Nice to see him lay it down again. His mixing was super solid as always. Chris Anderson had some great tracks - what was all the fuss about at the beginning of his set? I missed Jelo because my posse had to head out (and they were crashing at my place)...glad to hear that he rocked it out!

great to see so many faces again too - girl friday, heather, derek, james, beak-ah, lori, andre, keith, and of course, the mighty Kumiko (thanks for the huggle attack!).

tech care,


PS - stop lookin' at my ass! I can't help it - it has a mind of it's own!


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I was there, I talked, laughed, cried (when I turned my ankle) and then busted up the dancefloor right after. I stayed til 4:15, any longer and I would've needed a stretcher to get home I was so tired. Glad so many people showed up that I know, the company you keep makes all the difference.

Evan (~dazed~) & Syrous, thanks for a great great night!


PS I met a few people, but I won't remember you, so if you see me say high, and remind me


thanks to everyone who came out.
Although the turnout was a not quite what we anticipated it was still a great night.
All the Dj's kicked it hard and everyone had a good time and that's all that matters. Mission accomplished.

Chris Anderson WILL be back.

In regards to "the fuss" at the begining of Chris Andersons set, There was a problem with one of the needles, and some confusion as a result. No big deal.

and last but not least I would like to give a special thank you to everyone who bought me birthday drinks.
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It was fun until the guy with burrito breath started talking to me.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by echootje:
Evan (~dazed~) & Syrous, thanks for a great great night!</font>

Is Chris Anderson the shit or what?!
Not enough respect for that man, he is truly one of the best dj/producers of his kind!

Tell the world, Chris Anderson is the BOMB-DIGGY!!!!!!!!!!


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It was definitely a GREAT night!
I especially enjoyed Paul Walkers set... mmmm techno

Kumi it was sooo good to see you again... you're the one who brings out that smile!
It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new people...
wicked night!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Galactic Phantom:
It was fun until the guy with burrito breath started talking to me.</font>
^^ ha ha. lol.

i had a good time. i heard paul walker set, and the beginning of chris anderson's. they both threw down some great beats. i wanted to dance all night, but i couldn't handle it after the night before.
and alas, i ended up going home early. yes, i'm weak.

anyhow, it was nice meeting some tbk. your presence always seems to give a party a good vibe.


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HARD..fuckin hard!
i was expecting a funkier set..but i was disappointed by any means..when is chris coming back!!???
good seeing all who were out--
til next time

Bobby Thrust

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Nice night out! I had forgotten how much I love techno. I realized it has been a little while since I had seen some and thanks to Paul for once again proving that he is truly one of the best.
Chris Anderson was excellent as well and as expected!

Nice night, pity for my drinks being a bit watery.

Highlight of the night was Robb G only being able to say "hammered" over and over again.



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by The Magical White Isle:
boyblu, if it is any consolation to you, I didn't get a cd either.
I feel better!!
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