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Chocolate pants.


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What do I have to do for you to like me. What must I say? Everytime I see your name on the screen, I want to read, but I don't. I want to dedicate this thread to you chocolate pants.


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You know what I want to see?

A thread started by you intitled "my reality".

It should probably start off with an apology for all the attention whoring spam.

After that I would suggest a number of body paragraphs that let us in on the real you; they should cover how you put up a front to keep the pain of reality away, the secret hurts that lie in your past, and your fellings of the world today.

Then I would suggest you apologize once agiain and ask the community to extend you an olive branch and allow you to try and start fresh. . as the real you. Hurt, broken, over the denial and on the mend.

That is a tread I would be greatly intersted in.

I don't know you though, I could be way off base.. but if I am right, or anywhere near close please do consider what I have said.

As of now you have my compassion. It's an easy thing to loose so please don't tamper with it. . I am just trying to help.


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I should mention that my post was meant for SelfExcel now that more people have posted in this thread.


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You see spam, I see genious. Neverthless, what do I have to do for you to like me? That's what I want to know. Just tell me. Ahhhhhhh fuck, i'm being an idiot again, I could care less if you liked me or not. I just wanted to stir shit up. But I have seen a picture of you chocolate pants, and let me assure you that I like what I saw. You see this goes back to what I was saying, i'm a fucking sucker for pretty girls, I think if a pretty girls scorns me, i'll be like "whatever, she's hot". I can't help it if your hot, now can I?

Imajica, rest assure that I am not a broken man and that I will rise up...riiiiiise up. Thank you for your kind words.


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Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate

I knew it when I typed it, but I just don't care. I also don't care that you don't like me, cause I like you and that's all I ever need. Except for your fascination with porno, you are an angel in my eyes.

You know most of the times I giggle to myself right before I press "Submit reply", it's fun as hell.

Dirty Girl

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Originally posted by Syntax Error
selfexel would be cool if he was an alias of mine.

but he's not.

hey it should make you feel good to know youre not the only