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Chinese New Year!

j bunny 2000

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Yeah they do a speciall display during chinese NY in the harbour. Its really amazing becuase all the big buildings are decorated with these amazing lights aswel.
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Originally posted by Rocky
kuh sheuh, woah zhongwyn shwah duh bu how.

Yep...I suck.

Made sense to me! The spelling for pronunciation in English is pretty spot on, despite the unnecessary h's.


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Originally posted by SneakyPete
I actually managed to figure out what this means. Yes, you're a whitey.
Yes...I'm a whitey, but my pronunciation is quite good. It's my vocabulary that it limited. :p
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Originally posted by Rocky
I'm heading out to Hong Kong tomorrow for five days; then, when I get back my two-week Chinese New Year vacation starts. Woo...no more work until February.

Anyone else celebrating it?

Money money money MON-EH... MON-eh...

Dirty Girl

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year of the monkey, I cant wait, it has to be a good year for me, monkeys are my most favourite thing ever!!!


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i'll be celebrating!

that reminds me dirty girl - i still have your chinese astrology book from about 5 years ago!
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