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Chinese Characters


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I'm working on a project that has a Chinese theme to it. I would like to have some translation of english words into chinese. I'm aware that there is some descripancy is these translations and was wondering if anyione knows of a website where I could translate the english into the PROPER chinese Characters.

Yes I googled, However I figure Tribe is full of some knowledge people who could point me in the right direction.

Thanks ahead of time.
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'Business cards'
'flyers Starting at'
'12 Pt Stock - Full Colour Two Sides'
'e.y.e. Print Price List'
'contact us at'
'10 % off with flyer'

Those are the important ones I need now.

Thanks again.


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So far...

Business Cards:


I'm having some problems communicating the proper meaning of the other to my friend over msn...but...if you can wait a bit i'm sure it'll get worked out.
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Yeah no problem I got till tomorrow.
Like I said your being a great help.
I searched high and low on the web to no success.

Haha so your having to describe them over msn that must be fun

p.s. I'm going to pm you my email address so you can just send them to when you got them.