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Chinese Cartoon Internet Police WTF!?


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wow, and i thought captain copyright was bad...



bet it's real funny when they send your nosy kids to the gulag....


Image of Internet police: JingJing and Chacha online - Hong Yan (洪燕)

By Xiao Qiang :: 2006-01-22, 11:11 AM :: CDT Highlights

From Beijing Youth Daily, via Chinese E-Govenmence Net: (translated by CDT)

Starting today, when netizens visit all the main portals of Shenzhen city, Guangdong, they will see two cartoon figures "Jingjing" and "Chacha" (Jing Cha = Police). The image of Shenzhen Internet Police will officially be online. From now on, when netizens visit websites and web forums of Shenzhen, they will see these two cartoon police images floating on their screen. Our reporter learned that these are the images of Shenzhen Internet Police, presented by Internet Surveillance Division of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, for the first time in China.

The real Internet Police has existed for a long time.

"The Internet police has existed for a long time. This time we publish the image of Internet Police in the form of a cartoon, the purpose is to let all internet users know that the Internet is not a place beyond of law, the Internet Police will maintain order in all online behaviors," said Director Chen of the Information Center, Internet Security and Surveillance division, of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

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Our reporter learned that the daily duties of the Internet Security and Surveillance Division of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau include preventing, accepting and handling all kind of cases relating to computer viruses, network invasions, network security accidents, harmful information and other events endangering Internet information security. "Many people feel that they get online from their own home, they can post whatever they want. But the Internet belongs to a public information space, it is different from one's home or private space. Sometimes one sentence can cause very harmful consequences," commented an Internet expert.

Internet Users can interactively communicate with "Jingjing" and "Chacha"

The reporter saw on Tencent website, the image of "Jingjing" is a male police officer, with its domain name: http://66110.qzone.qq.com. Chacha is a female officer, with the domain name http://777110.qzone.qq.com. Both police officers have the following functions: resource, blog, photo album and interactive section. In their internet space, netizens can systematically learn about all laws and legal regulations related to Internet, instantly learn about the latest policies about the Internet, and learn about typical online crime cases. At the same time, the images of Shenzhen Internet Police can also answer questions from netizens. If netizens have questions relating to internet security, you can submit your questions in the space of Shenzhen internet Police, and the police will patiently answer your questions. Netizens can also use QQ (instant messaging service) to communicate with the two Cartoon police interactively.

Main function is intimidation

"The main function of Jingjing and Chacha is to intimidate, not to answer questions," our reporter was told by officials in charge of The Internet Security and Surveillance Division of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. The Internet has been always monitored by police, the significance of Jingjing and Chacha's appearence is to publicly remind all netizens to be conscious of safe and healthy use of the Internet, self-regulate their online behavior, and maintain harmonious Internet order together.

Right now, there are already six police personnel who have started the work of Jingjing and Chacha. When the workload increases, there will be more police involved in the work. Through the Internet, netizens can get in touch with them and get help from them.
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The Chinese will, undoubtedly, be the first people to successfully implant every member of their population with remote activated death implants. In the rest of the world, these are for science fiction. In China, they'll save a bit of legwork.


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At the ferry docks to the Bloc Party show yesterday, there were Falun Gong protesters getting people to sign petitions. The first thing I saw was a big banner that said "THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY KILLS FALUN GONG PEOPLE FOR THEIR ORGANS". It was kind of surreal.

I think the protesters were there because there was some big Chinese tour group at the harbourfront.
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anyone catch the 'get these falun gong organs while they're hot' ads a month ago? apparently they had to execute a bunch of them and had special bargain basement organ rates.


i need a new liver and a new set of lungs...