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Chinese Astrology


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Anyone know much about this. I've had a pretty boring day today at work and stumbled upon this website.

It's really interesting but very hard to understand. Number systems / how symbol relate to other symbols.

I'm more intrigued now, chinese astrology seems very deep and intense. I want to learn more. Although it clarified something for me - in the '2004' thread I wrote this.

wow. funny that I read this. The past couple months I've been thinking the same thing. Thinking back, I've made changes in 10 year cycles.

this website said the exact same thing, except I'm two years off. ;)

anyone have any deeper insight to help me understand this stuff better?


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i have an uncle that does this stuff but i have yet to fully understand it

good site tho

some of the things that came up my parents have leaked to me already


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According to this, my life is going to suck ass and get progressively worse until I'm 42. Then its good for 20 years before it sucks even worse for the rest of my life.

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