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[Chill House] Christian Skjodt - Solaris


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Christian Skjodt


S o l a r i s

"Call me soul man of Solaris, harmony bound from dream-Paris. The friendly tough guy about turquoise-hypno-haze visions in a love bath."

1) Peter Benisch - Love Theme
2) Atjazz - Harmony
3) Central Living - Visions
4) Kevin Yost - Forgetting About It
5) The Crystal Method - Bound Too Long
7) Jori Hulkkonen - Man From Solaris
8) Röyksopp - Poor Leno (Silcone Soul Hypno House Dub)
9) Everything But The Girl - Lullaby of Clubland (Matty Heilbronn II Deep Club Mix)
10) Curtis Harman - Call Me (Josh Collins Dream Dub)
11) Depeche Mode - Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Vocal Mix)
12) STP - An American in Paris
13) Nick Holder - My Friendly Neighbour
14) France and Dom - Urban Haze
15) Circulation - Turquoise

*Features samples from Osho - Tantra Sessions (A Bath)

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Very relaxing, dreamy, and smooth. This jives really well with me, thanks for sharing this with us!
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Great Mix Christian!

Very nice, I love this style of house. Been wanting a mix like this too for a while. :)
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Incrimin8 said:
This is one kick ass sexy mix.

Well done.

Thanks. Speaking of sexy,, The original title for this mix back in 2004, was actually "The Metrosexual Guide to Music". The name started to bother me shortly after. It's just so cheesey and played out a word (Metrosexual), that I didn't want it to get in the way of people enjoying the music. I think Solaris plays on a more spiritual vibe that I'm going for now. It will work well in the context of a series with future volumes..


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Great mix, man. I was listening to this over the long week-end and it was perfect for the sunny weather.