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Children's Music


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Hey yo,

I'm looking for good children's music. In particular...music that kids would enjoy exercising to. The age bracket I'm looking for is 3-6. Song names and titles would be perfect.



P.S This is for Jen...not to lure children R. Kelly styles :p


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Originally posted by dj frigid
RAFFI gets my vote too! :D

the kids I work with enjoy the Disney Sing Along soundtracks as well.
And yes the Wiggles are *popular* but way too damn annoying to make it worth putting a smile on a childs face.... I hate the Wiggles!;)


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doesnt as cool as some of the other stuff, but my parents had me on a steady diet of pete seeger as a child.
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terrawrist III

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Originally posted by geminigirl
Yup, I'm an ECE...I work with children. The little kiddies love Raffi and Sharon, Lois and Bram. :)
commendable...a job I would LIKE to take on but not sure if I would be able to handle it...i would go with DOWN BY THE BAY...such a delightful little diddy:)
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Cheer Bear

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I believe there are actual dvds you can buy that are made for young kids to begin exercising Benita. :)

I'll keep an eye out for you at work and write some titles down :)