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Child Welfare Officials Visit Britney Spears Over Sean Preston Injury

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I have been waiting for news for days finally something came down

Child Welfare Officials Visit Britney Spears Over Sean Preston Injury

Social workers 'determined there was no problem,' Spears attorney said.

Two months after Britney Spears was criticized for driving with then-4-month-old son Sean Preston on her lap, social workers visited the singer's Malibu, California, house again over the weekend. According to the Los Angeles Times, Spears became concerned on Friday that Sean might have a head injury and took him to an emergency room, prompting an automatic notification of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

According to the paper, the 6-month-old son of Spears and husband Kevin Federline fell out of his highchair, which triggered the visit from social workers accompanied by a sheriff's deputy over the weekend. Spears' attorney, Martin Singer, said Tuesday that state law required the hospital to automatically report the visit to child welfare officials, and "DCFS immediately responded and determined there was no problem and no reason to open a formal investigation. They determined that the parents weren't involved in the injury and nothing improper occurred within the home."

While the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services and the sheriff's station in Lost Hills did not reveal details about the visit, Lieutenant Debra Glaskides told The Associated Press, "It's a very standard, routine patrol request. We stood by, we took no action, no report or anything."

DCFS paid a visit to Spears and Federline in February after Spears was photographed driving her SUV with Sean Preston on her lap instead of in a car seat as required by law; no charges were filed in the incident and Spears said in a statement at the time that the photographs were taken during a "horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi." She said she "instinctively took measures" to protect the baby.

— Gil Kaufman

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No worries, Britney and Kevin hired a couple of renowned and highly-regarded child care professionals to look after little Sean.