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***Chickpea and Girl Friday's X-mas X-travaganza***


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Thanks to the both of you for a wicked house party. I can't wait to see the pics and I'll NEED to see the pics to remember half of what happened.

Lots of beer, lots of wine, lots of great smiling people, LOTS of fun.

And I was VERY impressed with the jungle downstairs. It was just enough and it was so soulful. Perfect for the setting.

I'll have to say, I've never had so much fun lining up to use the loo. And going to the fridge to get a beer was a journey in itself.

Deep, you are such a fucking lush. Moreso than me. Do you know you hit your head REALLY hard on a wooden thing? I was in so much pain when I saw that. But you just passed out after. Doof. It was SO nice to finally hang out with you.

[sarcasm]Now I have a new appreciation for shrimp rings.[/sarcasm] "Ugh, they smell like wet dog" said somebody.

Fleaflo, I tried. I really tried to cause some trouble. But absolutely nothing. I was an absolute angel last night. My many offers to take someone home and screw their brains out were all rejected.

Heather and Malia, how come everyone who knows Patrick knew me? Not only did you guys have big hearts for throwing this gig, you guys have big mouths too!

Anyway, merry Christmas everyone. And the hosts should expect a thank you bottle of wine soon from me.


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good times....

I was munching on shrimp cocktail all night. I was told that there was gonna be food so I didn't eat anything. So drunk....so hungry...

thanks to Malia and Heather for planning the party, thanks to Andre and his roommate for hosting the party.

so what did everyone thinks of my set? keep in mind that i've had a total of 6 hours djing experiene.

Ian (Soundstream) thanks for the CD, I'll be sure to forward it to anyone thats interested in listening to it.



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i was only supposed to stay for an hour so i could go home and study. no way i could leave though, such a good time! so many familiar, friendly and fucked people. the amount of alcohol on the kitchen island was staggering! speaking of staggering, dan and deep (sorry deep, the asian horizon comment was gold, owned were you). then i went downstairs and proceeded to breathe several breaths, then i began to stagger. music was great downstairs all night long though. there was some sweet drum and bass going on that got me *shuffling*, and i barely ever listen to the stuff. then came dj furious, who looked quite furious during his set, as he scowled at his records
then i came back up and down several times, each time staggering moreso than before.

to conclude, tonnes of fun! thanks to heather and malia for throwing such a wikked party and to andre and nick for holding it at their place. and thanks to all who made the evening that much more fantastic with their presence.


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WOW! Amazing! Such a fun party. Met some fantastic people. Got to catch up with some friends. Got very Drunk!

Thank yous go to Heather and Malia for organizing an amazing event. To Nick and Andre for their great space! To everyone who helped, set up, etc!

The only thing I didn't like was my stupid idea to go to Life to see DC. After that fiasco I just came right back to where the REAL party was at!!!!!

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I woke up at 2:30 and I've been spaced out infront of the TV ever since...

Glenlivet 12year old Scotch and Becks/Sapporo beer were my poison of choice for the night. Poison being the operative word. The 4 way bong didn't help me none either.

Deep's quote of the evening: "I'll rip your tuban off" finally got to hang with his bwoy and what a load of fun, he even appreciates scotch!

I can't believe I made it home at 7:30!

peace & fun!


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yes, a big thank you to Heather and Malia for hosting a great party, and to the inhabiters of the house. that was exactly what i needed last night -- a good place to chill out. and that is exactly what i did. the basement was a huge bong you just had to take deep breaths in. nice.
i also got to meet some more people, but unfortunately due to the levels in my body, i could only socialize with dear mary jane. damn thc and it's anti-social tendencies. anyhow, a great night, and good to see so many smiling people. thanks again.


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i am sorry to hear that, timo.

well, it was great to meet with a lot of you people

i had a great fun and had smiles all over the place.
i just kinda wished i did some dancing there before went to derrick carter show though.
anyway, a great vibe you all.

thank you so much for this.


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hahahahaha....i cannot believe such debauchery went on at our loft while i was gone...i love it! thanks to the sexy pangaea girls

i TOTALLY want to see the pics from the night.someone post some!
..deep sounded MESSED on the phone

glad everyone had a good time...i called at 1am and spoke to like 5 drunk people trying to get andre on the phone.

merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone that was one of the 100+ people at our place.... INSANITY! i missed the unveiling of the bong.

sooooo jealous
nick aka deacon "chillin in houston, texas"


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MoFo:
Do you know you hit your head REALLY hard on a wooden thing?
I do now...got the jared leto in fight club look happening at the moment

jus me

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Thanks for throwing the party!

I decided to come last minute, and I had a awesome time! There was a really tight vibe there! I think mostly due to the insane amount of alcohol, weed and munchies...! Hee hee.
Nah, it was the holiday spirit and all the friends who were in attendence.

Who bought the Krispy Kremes? Ugh. They were goood. A bit too uhh....lard-ish tho.

All in all, I'm really glad I went. Thank you both, Malia & Heather!

Happy holidays and new year's eve!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by deep:
I do now...got the jared leto in fight club look happening at the moment
you are a dirty skank lush when you drink.

I think you graduated from the Skankiecakes School of Lushness.

Heather and Ma-lia
, it was a pleasure to meet you both. You threw a wikked little party.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jus me:

Who bought the Krispy Kremes? Ugh. They were goood. A bit too uhh....lard-ish tho.

those were krispy kreme donuts!!!!!!!! damn it. i've wanted to try those for so long. when i saw them, i just thought 'hmmm, donuts, that's an odd thing to have at a party.' fawk, i should've known.


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Nice jam ladies. Big up your chestsss'.

Heather ... I don't know how to tell you this but Rental Kid tried to get me under the mistletoe

Malia ... your cookies/brownies get DangerhOUSe approval. You can "poke" this pillsbury doughboy anytime. Anytime.

Vinder ... sorry "yo". Next time.

Live @ M&H Mistletoe Jam. Toronto, On. ==========================&gt; Suke.


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Can't forget about Kumi who always brings her 50,000 WATTS of funk. Anytime. Anywhere.

Big up your chest Kumi. Big up your chest.
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Party? What party?
oh my what a night. I wish I could rewind my life and life that night all over again. It's not surprise though since I've always had my best nights out with the "pangea girls"

oh my when i began mixing zambuka and red wine together i knew i was messed.

can we do this again sometime soon? plllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee?????


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kul-kat:
those were krispy kreme donuts!!!!!!!! damn it. i've wanted to try those for so long. when i saw them, i just thought 'hmmm, donuts, that's an odd thing to have at a party.' fawk, i should've known. </font>

you didn't miss much, I think its still just a donut....


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i luv you two girls!
i wish i could have closed this one out
but i had to head over to hang with my boyz at their place

party looked great
all over the shrimp ring
thanx to dave for keepin my friend allison company and mixin up some nice drinks

laura, i WILL call you!

ack, everyone else it was GREAT to see you all of you (even if it was only for a little bit)
it was a nice exam stress reliever
cannot wait till thursday - partying till the sun comes up


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Oh man, what a party!

Heather and Malia, you 2 outdid yourselves!

Sweet sounds, lots of people and even more alcohol!

Great seeing everyone I knew and it was a pleasure to meet some new faces too. Thanks to Andre and Nick for the loft space... and when's the next party?



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It was pure fun times! What a perfect way to celebrate with your friends before the holidays. Heather and Malia, you two should be promotors!
You sure know how to throw a party! Btw, you two look real sexy.
Andre, you were beyond baked, can i call you "red lobster"? lol. I never seen so many people at that place before. WOW, i'm surprised the floors held up all the people.
Great times, great drinks, great people...must do it again next year.

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