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Chicago Hotels


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Any recommendations? I'm looking for something in the $200-250 range per night. Thanks in advance!

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we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in the old Carbide and Carbon building. We were worried it would be cheesy, but we really enjoyed it. Great location and a beautiful art deco building.


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I stayed at the Palmer House Hilton;

Chicago Hotels | Palmer House® a Hilton Hotel | Chicago, IL

We loved it...very old school type vibe, stunning lobby...rooms (we stayed on an executive floor) are really nice - service is top notch.

Location is great...10min walk to the Mile, 1 block from Millennium Park - subway is at your doorstep.

If you're looking for something more modern, this is NOT the place for you...think the Royal York here in Toronto but done right.


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The Sax Thompson hotel.... great deal and 4 star super classy.... awsome area of town and the lobby is a club at night

The Swiss hotel is right on Navy pier but costs more and not as nice.

If you book on hotels.com you can get an amazing deal!!
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i hung out in the lounge at the sax a few times when i was last there. nice joint.

we stayed at the amalfi last time we went. it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had at a hotel. avoid at all costs


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After tons of research for our first trip to Chicago we chose The James. Great little hotel.

My last time to Chicago I did a priceline name your price. We got the Palmer House Hilton for $120 a night, $200+ if you had booked it straight up online. I'd highly recommend doing priceline or hotwire. The Hilton was okay, a room to sleep in. It's the hotel in Harrison Ford's The Fugitive so that was kind of cool. And Obama stays there when he visits Chicago.

I have heard the James comes up on priceline/hotwire often.

I've also heard great things about the Hard Rock. We'd like to stay in a tower room there, such a gorgeous building.
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Stayed at the Palomar, Hotel Sax and the Affinia. All 3 are centrally located close to all the sights, Magnificent Mile and transit. Palomar was probably my favourite though Hotel Sax was pretty funky. My GF had previously stayed at the James and said it was amazing.


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Just stayed at the Sax, everything was great, but no pool/spa.

-pro tip, park at the Green P on Kinze, it cost me $164 for 6 days instead of $64 for valet per day.
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