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Chi Meegwetch


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Hit up the Labryinth for this 2 floor jam. First up was Kiang downstairs who rocked it down and dirty for the opening set. The last track he played, the remix of the Human League was fukin amazing. I'm all over that one. Then Lee McDonald(sp?) was up next and he stepped up the tempo and his third or fourth song in was the Wikked Game remix that Farina did. I love playing it at home and it was nice to get to hear it nice and loud. I ventured upstairs where Amtrak was rockin it. I've heard her on a couple of different occasions and she definitely knows how to play her venues. We hung out upstairs for most of her set and grooved along. She kept the dancefloor rockin. Now it was getting past self imposed bedtime curfew(1am) but just before I left I went back downstairs to check out Mike Gleeson. Why this guy doesn't have a weekly residency in this city is completely beyond me. Politriks for dicks can be my only answer. My ride was leaving and I had to go, but he fuking killed it. The guy is always layering some oldie but goodie over a fat 4/4 and everyone in the room is either open mouth mezmerized or dancing and singing. Upstairs, KWE was just getting ready to take over from Amtrak....

Girlz upstairs, boyz downstairs...heh! heh!

Wikked little jam, well done Crystal...


P.S. Crystal, the gift bags for the dj's was a really nice thing to do...
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I am soooooo with Dave on this one as I arrived at about Midnite to hear I believe amtrack rawkin it upstairs and Lee McDonald rawkin downstairs. But my highlight of the night was my good friend and roomie mr. Gleeson. That little bastard can rawk any crowd, any time! Good goin mike, 100% all the way.

And hey, for the rest of the night. Good peeps (salute to @m from the Dukes for steppin in during Gleeson's bathroom break) no cover, cheap drinks, and rawkin' tunes.

Sounds like a super saturday nite to me.
P.S. Thanks to Kiang for mix cd.


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Good Times!!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone coming out :)

Arrived earlier to help set up some things. Purrlee got things going quite nicely as it was her DJ debut, playing some nice groovy / soulful beats. Also chilled downstairs for a bit while Kiang was spinning some sweet beats also.

Thanks to everyone for groovin during my set. Always nice to see new and familiar faces on the dance floor. Didn't get to see much of AMtrak's set, but I heard it was great, which is no surprise really.

Afterwards went upstairs to check out the party host KWE on the decks. She played some killer tracks and had the crowd movin nicely.

Also checked out Mike Gleeson who did a great job keepin the bumpin beats going downstairs. Nice job buddy !

Also big props to Fatima and Janine for the beautiful artwork, which added a nice touch to a great evening.

Again thanks to everyone who came and supported , and hope to do this again sometime :D


lee macdonald
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Big Cheese

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thank you to everyone involved in bringing such a wonderful event out to the lab

nice to chit chat 'bout this n' that with many of you

good to get outside and mingle with za locals

looking forward to the next jam :^)

oh and crystal, i hope you enjoyed that muffin :^)



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What a great night!

Props to KWE for organizing and hosting a great evening...plus dropping some quality music!

I wasn't expecting to have as much fun as I did (lack of sleep from the previous night), but I ended up dancing my ass off, big smile plastered on my face, surrounded by friends all night...what more could you ask for!?

The music was killer everywhere I turned - Amtrak got the night going upstairs while Operator Lee did his thing downstairs (still Loving the Frontin' remix). Then KWE comes on and rips it up top. It was good to see you having as much fun behind the decks as we were having in front of them. Quality!! I swear I must have climbed the stairs 30 times going back and forth from dancefloor to dancefloor.
And Mr. Gleeson!! you sir, are a star! Again the Professor destroys it...loved the overlays, and the serious technical skills...

Gotta give the night a 10/10...good beats, great people, and a killer vibe in the air...

When is the next one????
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I had the best time! I was soooo not expecting to have fun ^^ just like dudey said, lack of zz's from previous night! Anyways much to my surprise I had a wonderful time! Thank you so much to all you musical genius'! And super thanks to Crytal for her shining personallity and for that lovely card. Hope to see y'all soon! Have a great week! :)


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Crystal and to all involved -

Thank you for hosting such a great event, and letting me be a part of it. You guys put your hearts and souls into this night, and it showed.

Every artist rocked it, and had the dancefloor dancing...except for me...haha...thanks to flea and my fiance for sticking with me ;) Mr. Lee McDonald took over my set and had the crowd dancin' it up. Ventured upstairs where the gals were showing us boys a thing or two how to get the crowd going nuts. Amtrak really knows how to cater to her crowds - every track brought a smile to my face. After that went back downstairs where Mr. Gleeson was definately dropping some serious tunes. Had me :eek: the whole night. Like Flea said, I have no idea why he isn't headlining clubs like System. This man is a genius on the decks. After checking out Mr. Gleeson, went back upstairs where KWE had the floor dancing it up and whooping it up. The smile on her face said it all. It was nice meeting Mr. Timmy and nice seeing some of you who I don't get to see that often anymore.

The little gifts were indeed a surprise, and very much appreciated. Shows how professional you guys really are.

Great crowd, great music, great art (Janine, your art really is fantastic) and great dj's.




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Well I danced my ass off Saturday. Got to the Labyrinth about 11:10 and I do have say is a nice and cozy little lounge. Very relaxing and the vibe was great from the get go. Ventured downstairs to catch the starting of lee`s set and I do have say bro you have come a long way in such short amount of time. The kid can shake some asses. Afterwards went upstairs fo KWE`s set and my goodness...all I have to say is WOWZA!!! This chick can rock it!!! You had me shakin it through your whole set. Caught some of mike Gleeson`s set and the man can lay down some sweet mixes. AMtrak and purlee`s set were great also. It was kind of hard running from floor to floor to catch everybody`s set. The next time you need to install an elevator ;^)

Great job KWE for organizing this and I think it was a great and successful event. Good luck with your future parties you have a good thing going.

Oh yeah I almost forgot..we need more female Dj`s!!! These girls did an amazing job and no matter what people say don`t be scared girls get out there and do it, you are just as good as some of the guys and some of you ...even better.

Cheers!!! till the next time.

Bloom! Productions

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congratulations to KWE and Urban Indian Productions! i wasn't at the event but from the reviews it sounds like it was a complete success! locals all the way, baby!

Mike Gleeson (who is the professor of the mix) will be in guelph this upcoming saturday and i'm hoping to land KWE, Kiang and Kiseka for guest spots early in the new year!

keep on pressin' on!



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i am SO happy your jam went OFF. from the sounds of it it was off the hook. i hope everyone in attendance understood the true meaning behind and the importance of this event!

qué qué

mike <---- wishes he could have been there
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for that I am truly grateful

I am so taken back by each and every word, expression and emotion expressed in every review...

I just had to say chi-meegwetch to each and everyone one of you that attended, organized and supported me...it was truly a labour of love...

There were a few surprises that I didn't advertise as I wanted to add an element of surprise and fun to the night...didn't want to give away my secrets but...

1. the artwork was beautiful and totally complimented the beauty of the night...

2. the gifts that were given came from the heart...as I appreciate each and everyone of you in my own way...must make time to appreciate those who invest their passion, energy and love!

3. But the greatest gift of all was the idea of recording the night through video...I actually got to see it for the first time and I couldn't stop smiling throughout the video...I highly recomend videotaping your efforts for any event to remind you that this is a group effort and everyone contributes to the night in their own way...it was so awesome to see all of you gettin your groove on...tehehe

And damn...there were so many fine ladies there that night I couldn't stop noticing how everyone was glowing...I have to say that there were some fine male specimens that know how to give attention in a good way...free loving that is for sure...no walls to climb just good vibes!

The karma and groove was truly precious despite ALL roadblocks that were put in place...in fact it made it more special...making lemonade from lemons made me more thirsty for life...

The Lab is a great location for intimate parties and Wes truly supports the locals...He deserves props for his professionalism...

In the end, it was all about the love and passion for music...and in this case it was house music...I tried so hard to make this night a gift to all of you for helping me, supporting me and believing in me...this industry is cut throat (to say the least) and I'm trying to shed light on the darkest corners...without you I seize to exist...thanks for giving me the motivation to make a difference...

hmmmm...what's next? LOL

Love all of you guys...my dj's, my crew, my girls, my boys, my special guy, and all of those who were meant to be there...I couldn't have done it without you...

Who wants to see the video?

PS...Greggerz...the muffin was marvelous...

PPS...MIKE GLEESON deserves a residency, more gigs and recognition of a truly talented individual...BTW...way to go flexing those muscles on the video Mike...tehehe
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k, totally worth it...I can't wait to show it to all of you...

I'm on it...I'll be in touch!

keep that POSITIVITY flowin...don't let the vibe die...keep pressin on!


Had an awesome time!

Thanks to Janine and Fatima for the lovely and interesting artwork on display. It was the kind of thing that you need to look at for a while just to make sure you're catching everything going on in the paintings.

Mucho impressed with PurLee's set. Being her first set playing out and all, 'twas very smooth.
Also enjoyed Kiang's set - deep and groovin, but also interesting.
Some choice tracks, whose name i haven't the slightest clue.

Amtrak upstairs was high quality as always, dropping the infamous Armand remix of CJ Bolland's "Sugar is Sweeter" - nice!
Lee was havin' it downstairs, and by the time i came on, had built up a crowded dancefloor. He ended off layering(if i remember right), "don't stop till you get enough" with something or other.
I liked!

Thanks to @m for filling in there during my washroom break downstairs! He played this 20/20 track i never play but always seem to bring, so i'm doubly glad since i got to hear that out during my set for once.

Unfortunately i didn't get a chance to go upstairs to hear any of KWE's set, though from the periodic emptying of the downstairs, i know that she must have been doing something right upstairs. :)

Thanks for organizing this crystal!


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Thanks @m...that's really cool of you!

Mike, we'll be out supporting you and Deeno this Sat in Guelph...see your muscles then...KWE
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Originally posted by AshG
Mucho impressed with PurLee's set. Being her first set playing out and all, 'twas very smooth.

well, to impress the 'professor'...i am truly flattered.
and diggin up my fave track from the gleeson vaults mighta helped a bit too.
i know it musta taken you a day to find it ;)
thanks to all who contributed to the wicked vibe @the Lab that night!
nothing but positivity!!!
and a special thanks to Crystal -- you are my sister.
what a special night for so many reasons.
I had such a blast!!


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P.S.S. I totally forgot to mention the opener upstairs, PurrLee? I heard only one or two tracks before heading downstairs but it sounded great...really funky.


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Originally posted by PurrLee
special thanks to Crystal -- you are my sister.

I just wanted to give you the opportunity to dj that someone gave me...I believe in you...

girl, welcome to the jungle...you're reachin now...

you will always be a part of my family of friends...soul sistahs...what's mine is yours...even my records...LOL

xoxox...all my heart!
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