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Chi Meegwetch


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This free party @ the Lab is the first outting by Urban Indian Productions :)...at the helm is our very own DJ KWE! Should be a hot jam w/ the likes of AMtrack and Mike Gleeson in the mix...who's going?
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Would love to be there reppin the 30+ crew, but alas, baby duties call...once he's old enough to bop his head along to the music though, me and the baby and the baby bjorn are hittin' the clubs ;)

Best of luck Kwe et. al.


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That's what we* say when we throw tobacco into our campfires as thanks for using the land.



*My friend Paul taught me.
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i really want to make it to this but i have to attend a birthday party earlier that night. hopefully i can steal some friends from the b-day bash and make it out for this. looks like funnn.
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what's this....................No Mention of the Art Show??? :confused:

I am doing my best to attend. :)

I really really am. If you've been stuck at home as long as I have you'd understand.......but alas, something are just beyond my control.

It's been too long since I've seen Crystal and my gals Vixen (and Fatima too I think) are showing some of their lovely paintings as well


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to all readers...it's fate!

whatever happens happens...it's beyond my control...just know that EVERYONE involved is there because karma dictates and that should speak volumes...It's up to you to see the potential of a night to remember!

Leogirl - you'll be truly missed!
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