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Chester - August Studio Mix [Proper DUBSTEP]

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by chest, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. chest

    chest TRIBE Member



    Cop it here

    Magnetic Man - MAD
    Borgore - Nympho
    Rude Kid- Electric
    Benga - Rock Music
    Skream - Behind The Curtain
    Trolly Snatcha - We Rock the Forest
    Datsik-3 Fist Style
    Cookie Monsta - Blurgh
    Apex - Nowhere To Run
    Ajapai - Mobilized
    Skream - Raw Dogz
    Shut up Let It Go - Bar 9 Remix (Chester Dub Edit)
    Robyn - Dancehall Queen
    Skream - Lets Go Fucking Mental
    Rude Kid - Jack Daniels
    Mindflow - Switched
    High Rankin - Cut You Down
    Alejandro (Rusko's Papuseria Remix)
    Flux Pavillion - Gold Dust
    We Bang - Smash The Floor
    Flux Pavilion - Normalize
    We Bang - skytop
    Freestylers - Cracks
    Mle - You Like Thid
    Cyberoptix - Geisha
    Rude Kid- Space Dance
    Skream - Dr.Who Dub
  2. ozone

    ozone TRIBE Member

    i didnt like the first song or the intro, but the rest of this mix is tight, better then most of the "dubstep" that ive seen up here lately by far

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