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Cherry Blossoms High Park on Sunday?

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isn't it saturday?

edit: nevermind - i was just being hopeful probably b/c we are going to high park tomorrow anyway for environment day to pick up compost!
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Yes, please post/PM details!
Just love chillin' outside, meetin n greetin, sharing the beauty of a great outdoor setting...
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not sure what I should post so I don't get in trouble but it's a promise thing with chill music that starts at 3.

poker face

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Dont show up if you are crack head. I think it will be a nice day in the park.

promise ambient cherry blossom party in high park

Since spring and nice weather seems to finally have arrived, we can head outdoors and enjoy one of the first really nice days of sun on the hillside in High Park. Every year in this season the cherry trees come into amazing full bloom just for a few sweet days and then they all blow away. There’s a great little grove of the trees in High Park, overlooking Grenadier pond and it is so nice to enjoy it to music. We would have held this event last year, but nature played a trick and the trees didn’t bloom at all – that makes this year’s blossoming twice as special, we figure.

There is a venerable tradition of cherry blossom festivals - in San Francisco, Washington and most notably in Japan where there are hundreds of them between January and June. See:

Our dj friends will be playing ambient and chill music that’s nicely suited for absorbing the tranquility and beauty of the spot.

Strangeangel23 (Nick Ayling, birthday boy) - ambient fuzz
Owen of Psyence Project - psychedelic world dub
Shen (Noah Pred, BC) - deep west coast chill
Eric Downer - ambient tech
Medicineman (ciut) - world dub and ambient

What to expect:
The day calls for a nice warm temperature and lots of sun but come very prepared. The evenings get really cool and even if you just plan to come by for a short visit, you may get swept up and stay til the end. So come prepared. Bring blankets, sleeping bags, chairs, hammocks. Tuck away a hat, sweater, gloves and a thermos of tea to keep yourselves warm. Bring a nice bit of a picnic. We held this event two years ago and it was surprising to see how many people just migrate to the cherry trees each year for the same reason – there were even people painting the blossoms when we were there. Do yourself the favour of coming down nice and early, nothing beats the feeling of sun hitting your face through those flowers as the day slips by.

South west side of the park, just west of the restaurant (lots of parking).
Walk towards the pond and we’re right there on the hillside.


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Wiseman said:
Just looked at the email and sounds like a great way to spend sunday!!!!!

Anyone else going?
LeoGirl said:
not sure what I should post so I don't get in trouble but it's a promise thing with chill music that starts at 3.

I am so password protecting my computer.:mad:

I will likely head by after brunch and hopefully will bring some girlies with me :)
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Hmmmm. I'm going to be near there anyways. Cherry blossoms sound very inticing.

I should convince some people to meet me up with me there....
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