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i wasnt there for long, only like maybe 2 hours? 2:30 hours??

it was so great! nice athmosphere, nice people, and good music

i was wearing my leather slides so i got my shoes all sandy, and since i didnt have socks on it was irritating.

so i danced barefoot. oh my god! i wanna dance barefoot on sand again!!! it was so...i dunno...being out there with all the nature, and the psy-tech-trance, and the great people just made me feel so connected to my environments...the actual skin to earth contact was very cool.
i felt like a goa hippy

the visuals and lights helped too.

i met hawk eye! yay! you're pretty cool, i like your accent

SmIl3 MaSt3r, who has not been addicted by the board yet enough to post regularly was also there with me. he liked it too.

i was hoping to see more tbk who mentioned having been at last years event (madnezz, kife, ritika,(?) etc)

but it was such a great time! i only wish i could have stayed longer...but this is what we did after prom and our limo time was gonna be up at 4:30...and we still had to get back to lamebridge.

who else was there???

p |_ 8 o
that was ok.. the nature aspects were best: a great breeze off the lake, the reflection of the moon, the occasional wave lapping at the shore...
I had an alright time
i was tehre for about 4 hours.

I got there just after 1am.

i was the girl dressed up, and i bitched at my freind about it bc our plans fell through and he told me not to wear raverish clothes and we decided to go tot his party last minute.

i'm glad we did though.

it was nice
Well glad you guys enjoyed it.. WE certainly did as well. We did get busted at 7am by the cops and they fined us and all, but still it was worth it!! Thanks to all who came. Thanks to all who helped clean and for all those who keept the place clean...there wasn't too much mess! For the most part everyone partied nicely...there was a lot of respect and untity!! We love our crowd... they make the party atmosphere close and peaceful!! See you at Juno Reactor Canada Day!!! That will be the next main project!!

Dj Psi-koTec
Deep Sea Fish
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Was I the only one who bore witness to the two sexy girls feeling not only the vibe, but each other as well? That was quite the experience for them, I've rarely seen two grrls so turned on rolling around in the sand, not caring about the uncomfortable sand in the underpants. Or was it that they were picking the sand out of each others underpants...............ummmmmmmmmm.....that's it!

The party was really cool, as they always are. The music rocked, and the 26er of rum that we shared with everyone helped keep the vibe alive...I hope. I wonder if anyone enjoyed the 18 litre bottle of water we left behind?? Quite the night, thanks to all of you. peace

^^^wait a sec...did you see a group of people sitting on some grass about a block away from where all the cars were parked saying they had to leave and you were with friends telling them to go back to the beach???

if so i probably saw you briefly then

small world

p |_ 8 o
More feedback from our hotmail account. P.S. The hotmail account is being weened and replaced with deepseafish@deepseafish.ca. Cheers, dam.

From: "Sinn ."
To: deep_sea_fish@hotmail.com Save Address
Subject: Thank you !!!!!!!!
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 19:27:50 -0400

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say that last night was totally awesome --- and say thank you all for your hard work, expense and the
risks you took in putting this event on.

The music was great (so nice dancing barefoot in the sand to) ------ the lighting was cool (the torches added such
a nice touch) --- people were soooooo nice (why is it that deep-see -fish events attract the nicest people? ) --- and
the venue ------ well, being a Pisces you couldn't have chosen a better one.

Now the only thing that would have made it a perfect evening is if you had played a few polka tunes --- oh well,
guess there's always next year (hehe).

You guys definitely rock --- Toronto is soooooo lucky to have deep-sea-fish productions ------- you're definitely
the BEST !

'til next time

Luv you all

Date: 6/11/2001 20:29:11 EDT
From: MrCPH
To: deepseafish@deepseafish.ca
Subject: Re: [DSF-INFO] Fish on the Beach

Thanxs for the party I had a really good time.BIG props to Dj Dam for hooking
me up with the info.I wish I had the chance to say"helo" or something,but I
was haveing too good of a time.Hopefully I will see you at your next
gig.Thanxs too all of the the other Djs as well.all of you where of the
hook.Bening from Calif..some of the Djs style are diffrrent but the play the
same records...in diffrent pattrens,but if you love music like I do.You can
here the same songs more than once.And sometimes good friends how Dj..buy the
same stuff and there style sound alike some what.But you guys where just PHAT
AS HELL...mad props to all of you.Can't wait unit the next time.If you guys
need any help with clean up set up or just grunt work.I'm here....Have my own
truck to haul or carry what ever.I just want to be down with something

Date: 6/11/2001 19:42:13 -0400
From: "Duncan Luciak"
To: deepseafish@deepseafish.ca
Subject: Re: [DSF-INFO] Fish on the Beach

A great night!!

I loved that it was a cross-section of people, rather than just one crowd.

Good job DSF!
I am closing this thread because it is from 2001 and another more current event thread exists.
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