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Chemtrails in the Sky


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Chemtrails in the Sky Are Evidence of Nefarious Activities for Broad-Based Conspiracy Theorists

By Alexander Zaitchik, AlterNet. Posted January 27, 2009.

Cultural panic over pollution in the sky and changing weather patterns has given rise to a peculiar conspiracy theory about jet plane exhaust.

Anyone living near a major metropolitan airport has gazed up at the sky and seen them: patchworks of crisscrossing contrails left by passing jetliners. Most of us don't give a second thought to this common sight of a scratched-up sky. If we do, it's likely to reflect on the explosion in air traffic and its growing contribution to air pollution.

But for an expanding minority of Americans, those hanging contrails represent something much more sinister than increased carbon emissions. Since the late 1990s, a flourishing conspiracy theory subculture has been ringing the alarm that many of these contrails aren't normal vapor-and-exhaust contrails at all. Rather, they are chemtrails, mysterious and menacing chemical evidence of secret government programs to modify the weather and depopulate the planet.

Investigation into, and speculation over, the nature of these chemtrails has grown over the last decade from a marginal belief into a millions-strong Transatlantic Truth Quest, with chemtrails taking on the stature of celestial UFOs. If early UFO sightings were the projection of early Cold War fears, chemtrails are the climate-change-age corollary, with cultural panic over pollution and changing weather patterns projected onto the clouds and planes in the sky.

As with flying saucers, hundreds of YouTube clips purport to capture cities "getting pasted" by secret government planes. Dozens of chemtrails Web sites compete for the loyalty and business of a sprawling, gullible and increasingly global chemtrails flock. Like the white lines that are its obsession, the chemtrails scene crisscrosses with every other strand in the pantheon of cosmic conspiracy culture. Most chemtrails sites, like the lovable dontchemtrailmebro.com, also peddle in 9/11 Truth, alien contact, Northern Idaho survivalism and the "suppressed" theories of the twin martyred wizards of etheric energy, Wilhelm Reich and Nicolai Tesla.

The chemtrails scene is a loud saloon of shouting New Age conspiracists spouting conflicting theories at the bar, with the usual assortment of hucksters and Internet paranoids filling the tables. The self-styled leaders of the movement are a diverse lot but share a consensus starting point that thousands of jets are spraying millions of gallons of "chemtrail soup" around the world on a daily basis.

Chemtrails, they hold, are easily distinguished from normal contrails by their longer duration and expansive dissipation patterns. Most of the spraying is believed to take place at night over the population centers of NATO countries, although some skywatchers suspect Russia and China are being targeted as well. As for the content of the soup and who is responsible for the program, that's where things get contentious. But the major theories are generally some variation or combination of the following:

1) U.S. oil companies are secretly spraying reflective chemicals in the air to reduce global warming and thus reduce criticism of fossil fuels.

2) A New World Order cabal -- also known as the Illuminati -- is spraying cities with pathogens in the first of a two-stage depopulation program.

3) NATO aircraft are involved in a top-secret weather-modification program, and/or are refining a new-generation of high-frequency atmospheric weapons.

4) The U.S. government is using commercial and military aircraft to assist and monitor weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes in order to both destroy enemies and pump money into the domestic economy through emergency spending/recovery bills.​
Scott Stevens is a leading proponent of the fourth theory. A former TV meteorologist in Pocatello, Idaho, Stevens was fired when he began giving national radio interviews on chemtrails. He took his severance and moved to the foothills above Denver International Airport, where he now conducts plain-sight research into chemtrails full time, maintains the chemtrails site weatherwarsinfo.blogspot.com, and hosts "Amerika Now," a local AM-radio conspiracy culture talk show.

"I don't buy the theory that chemtrails are a pathogenic depopulation program," says Stevens. "You don't need to get so high in the atmosphere for that. And you don't need airplanes."

Instead, he suspects a global cabal is using chemtrails to maintain "situational awareness" of the atmosphere to better anticipate and control the weather. "There isn't a major weather event that can't be mitigated or exacerbated," he says. "The chemtrails allow Them to take a sort of MRI of the atmosphere."

Stevens is certain that chemtrails are an essential component of this mother of all weapons -- total weather control -- but admits being stumped by the cloak around the ground operation that supports the program. "Are these just painted-up commercial planes? Are there passengers aboard? What I do know is that the shipping companies are part of it. FedEx and UPS are compromised. Their chemtrails are egregious."

Stevens believes President Barack Obama has been briefed on the chemtrails program, but is agnostic about whether the new president can break free from the powerful, entrenched interests behind the spraying.

The darkest of the chemtrails theories holds that a massive fleet of planes, under the aegis of NATO, the U.S. Air Force or the Illuminati, is spraying the soup as a part of a "binary population elimination weapon." Stage one involves passing pathogens to weaken humanity's collective immune system. Once general T-cell weakness is attained, we can expect aerial dispersal of smallpox or anthrax. Supporters of this theory like to quote fringe independent journalists and survivalist rags like the Idaho Observer. A typical comment left under a chemtrails YouTube clip warns viewers that they are now breathing "ethylene dibromide, nano-particulates of aluminum and barium, cationic polymer fibers with unidentified bioactive material, and tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type."

"The chemtrails are part of a genocidal program to reduce the global population by up to 90 percent," says Ken Adachi, who subscribes to the depopulation theory and runs educate-yourself.org. "The Illuminati only want 500,000 people on the planet, maximum. Chemtrails are one of the vectors. Poisoning people is easier than rounding everyone up in liquidation camps."

Adachi, who keeps a daily log of chemtrails activity in Orange County, Calif., says hundreds of people write him every week with stories of spraying over their communities. He finds hope in the radicalizing nature of their chemtrails discovery. What starts as a stand-alone concern soon leads to the question "Why?" and a shocking self-education in the reality of the Illuminati's New World Order.

Often the various theories will be thrown together into a chemtrails conspiracy soup. "Welcome to the brave new world of toxic barium skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP," says a chemtrails YouTube clip.

If you don't know what HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is, you have so much to learn.

* * *

The dean of the chemtrails conspiracy scene is William Thomas, the Canadian journalist who coined the term. Thomas has written a book on the subject, Chemtrails Confirmed, and produced a documentary film, Mystery Lines In the Sky. (All majors accepted at www.willthomasonline.net.) Thomas has reported finding over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fallout, which he believes is a project with multiple goals. In an interview with the online conspiracy radio program, "The Jeff Rense Program," Thomas mused that possible actors ranged from the "oil industry mafia" to the United States military. But even after all of his groundbreaking research, Thomas admits that he is still waiting for "a real, honest-to-God whistle-blower" to step forward and connect all the dots.

Some thought that moment had finally arrived in 2002, when Dennis Kucinich introduced a House bill that sought to ban space weapons. Tucked deep into a subclause in the first draft of H.R. 2977 was the word "chemtrails," listed among the weapons and practices Kucinich wanted outlawed. It was the first time the word had ever appeared in any sort of official document in Washington.

For the civically challenged chemtrails scene, the event was tantamount to the United States government officially admitting that the program was "real." Although Kucinich quickly removed the word and denied responsibility for the original inclusion, chemtrails enthusiasts continue to dog the congressman wherever he speaks. In Europe, similar alarms were set off when Erik Meijer, a Dutch Socialist member of parliament, submitted an official query to European Parliament in Brussels, demanding an investigation into the phenomenon.

The Kucinich bill wasn't the first time someone in government acknowledged the chemtrails conspiracy theory. Far from it. State agencies have given more careful attention to chemtrails than any other conspiracy theory, after UFOs. And they have addressed its activists with a seriousness it is impossible to imagine with regard to, say, 9/11 Truthers.

In 2000, the EPA, NASA, FAA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a joint "Aircraft Contrails Factsheet" that sought to address the fears and claims of the increasingly rambunctious chemtrails crowd. The six-page illustrated report explains the science of contrails, such as the role humidity plays in the variance between how long contrails linger and spread, sometimes forming cirrus cloud cover; and their zero impact on human health.

The report admits a link between contrails and climate change, but says this is not the purpose of the global air travel industry. The EPA report also includes photos of contrail clusters of the kind found on chemtrails sites. Although the word "chemtrails" does not appear in the report, the structure and tone make it clear that the exercise is aimed at the chemtrails conspiracists, delivered as a school nurse might talk to a student about excessive masturbation in a roundabout way in order not to embarrass herself or the student.

The Air Force, on the other hand, has no qualms about talking straight to the chemtrailers. The USAF followed the EPA's multi-agency report with its own 24-page fact sheet on emissions. The report included a section titled "The 'Chemtrail' Hoax." Here the military bluntly addresses the idea that "the Air Force [is] involved in spraying the U.S. population with mysterious substances [and] conducting weather-modification experiments." It explains that long-lasting contrails are not new and have been under official study since the 1950s, and that the grid patterns highlighted by chemtrailers result from the National Airspace System being structured on a four-directional grid with aircraft flying at designated increments of elevation.

Inevitably, the official "denials" only served to further excite the chemtrails legions.

More popular than ever, chemtrails is the perfect 21st century conspiracy. It combines the 20th century fear of poisonous fallout with anxiety over very real changes in climate and pollution of the atmosphere, including by some of the very toxins and metals said to be ingredients in "chemtrails soup."

Like most conspiracies, there are grains of truth in its basic components. The planet is under attack. The climate is undergoing drastic changes. Governments do lie. Pollution is causing more and more respiratory illness. The military does have secret weapons programs, some of them involving high-frequency weapons and weather modification.

How individuals choose to deal with these truths -- and the larger context of civilizational crisis and individual powerlessness -- is up to them, of course. But there are healthier and much more relaxing ways of projecting skyward than imagining genocidal Illuminatic air fleets spraying toxic soup.

There is one good alternative we all learned in boy and girlhood, before computers and Internet-driven conspiracy theories began draining so much of our personal and cultural energy. It involves going outside on a nice day, finding a warm patch of grass and watching the clouds (contrails, too) as they spread, crisscross and drift.

It's amazing what we can see in the clouds. Frolicking bunnies, mating mountain goats, leaping unicorns, comforting angels. All sorts of wonderful, fantastical things…


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Further reading: the Kucinich bill, on the best contrail science page out there.

An Alaskan University's ongoing contrail science project (with loads of data).

Good picture resource here.

Skeptical look at "chemtrails".

And here are three links to different studies regarding the effects of NO contrails during the air traffic shutdown of 9/11 - they do contribute to "global dimming":

http://www.lightwatcher.com/chemtrails/contrails during 9-11.pdf




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The basic argument is that contrails always dissipate; the ones that stick around must be sinister somehow. Not that anyone deeply into this stuff appears to have any real understanding of the atmospheric physics involved... wouldn't want to let scientific realities get in the way of tiresome apocalyptic delusions.


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Yep, this observation is represented well in the comments section: "contrails dissipate, chemtrails STAY!"

explained here:

Q) How long do contrails last?
A) Anywhere from less than a second, up to several hours.

This is an oft-asked question. The answer is reasonably straightforward, but misunderstanding is common. To understand why a contrail can last as little as a fraction of a second, or as long as several hours, you need to understand what a contrail is, and how it forms.

Here’s another question, which has the same answer:

Q) How long does a snowflake last?

Why is this basically the same question? Because contrails are generally made of ice crystals. Jet exhaust contains a lot of water vapor (the chemical reaction actually produces more water than there was originally jet fuel), and when this gets shot out of the back of the engine at 2000MPH, it hits the frigid air (typically colder than -40 degrees), and the water vapor condenses and freezes, very quickly, into tiny ice crystals, just like snowflakes.

So why do these ice crystals sometimes stay around for a long time, and sometimes vanish in seconds? The temperature is well below freezing, so they can’t melt, can they? This is puzzling, because it involves something that most people know nothing about: “sublimation“.

Sublimation is when a substance (in this case, water), goes directly from being solid to being vapor (a gas), without actually melting into a liquid. It’s like evaporation, except instead of a liquid evaporating, it’s a solid (ice). If the air is dry (i.e. there is little water vapor in it), then the ice crystals will quickly sublimate into vapor, and the trail will vanish quickly.

However, if the air already has a lot of water vapor in it, then the ice will sublimate slower, and the trail will last longer.

If the air has so much water vapor in it already that it can’t hold any more (i.e. it’s “supersaturated”), then the ice crystals can’t sublimate, and so the contrail will stay around for a long time. The ice crystals might even attract water from the air, if there is enough, and the contrail will get thicker. Winds might make the contrail spread out to even cover the whole sky.

The above is a simplification, as other factors like temperature, pressure, and sunlight have an effect. But it explains the basic reasons why some trails last only a few seconds, and some can last for hours, and spread out to cover the sky.

Finally, there is one more way of asking the question:

Q) How long do clouds last?

This is the same question because contrails are clouds. Contrails are physically very similar to cirrus clouds (except they are long and thin), and so they act almost exactly the same. You see cirrus clouds that last for hours, so why not contrails?​
Another layman observation absent of scientific knowledge:

Last year I watched a plane overhead, which was spraying this white plume. Suddenly, the white plume stopped, as the plane kept going, as though someone had just flicked the off switch, or whatever the plane had been releasing had just run out.

To those who think this is just made-up, make believe "conspiracy theory", please explain how normal contrails can do this.​
Here's the scientific explanation:
Contrails are clouds made from water vapor that condenses then freezes behind a plane engine. Since the engines are on constantly, it seems a bit odd when you see contrails with gaps in them, or even contrails that stop and start. If the engine is pumping out a constant amount of water, then why is the trail not constant? This puzzle is sometimes seized on by people who think that persistent contrails are actually “chemtrails”, or some kind of deliberate spraying operation.

But it’s actually very simple. The amount of water in the exhaust is pretty constant, but the amount of moisture in the air is not. The humidity varies with altitude, and a layer of low humidity can be sandwiched between two layers of high humidity. As a plane climbs or descends through this layer, then the trail will only form in the areas of high humidity, and so look like it was “switched off” in the area of low humidity.

You can get the same effect with temperature. A warm layer of air can actually lay on top of a colder layer in what is called an “inversion” (you’ll hear this on the weather sometimes, referred to as an “inversion layer”). When a plane flies through this inversion layer, the trail can be “broken”.

It’s not just climbing or descending flights either. The boundaries between these layers is not flat, and gravity waves or rising convection currents of air can create large volume of air that differ in temperature and/or humidity from the neighboring air, and so can break (or make) the contrail when then plane flies through them.


Occasionally a jet plane, especially if ascending or descending, will pass through a much drier or more moist layer of atmosphere which may result in a broken pattern to the contrail, with it appearing in segments rather than in one continuous plume.​
Much of the "proof" cited for chemtrails rests on one of these two observations. What I find most interesting is how even when confronted with these explanations, devotees will continue to mention the "broken" or "persistent" contrail as evidence of "chemtrails". What started as an incorrect assumption due to having no knowledge of atmospheric science becomes an unassailable article of faith.

Fact is, they can still have their conspiracy even if they give ground on these points - it would just be difficult or nearly impossible to discern a chemtrail from a contrail from the ground - but heck - the government could still be spraying at night or maybe you just can't really tell what's a contrail or what's a chemtrail. No one in comments, as far as I can see, gave even that much ground.

It really is amazing to read the comments there - the Truth Brigade is out in full force!
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Because the way we keep from spreading ridiculous ideas in the first place is to promote them at seemingly any opportunity!


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Toronto's craigslist has it's very own Chemtrail guy.

I find that all stuff hilarious "morgellons, jews, bilderberg and nanofibers all part of the reptoid chemtrail moon-landing hoax, GOOGLE RON PAUL!".


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Why do contemporary conspiracy theories end up all dovetailing into anti-Semitism?

Actually, I guess it's always been this way.
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Why do contemporary conspiracy theories end up all dovetailing into anti-Semitism?

Actually, I guess it's always been this way.
...because some conspiracy nuts still believe in "The Protocols of The Elders of Zion" despite all the evidence of it being a hoax, among other reasons.


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:eek: not! lol every generation has something else...this is hilarious. Why would they want depopulate the world when we are already looking at a population decrease in the next 20 years. All that old money will then trickle down to us and the recession is lowering prices. Were looking a new start not an end.


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The key is How are we gonna start it? It has to be grounded with some kind of center whether it moral or whatever. Basicly everything we haven't been for the past 20 years. People are gonna have a hard time letting old habits go. Thats where the danger is and so far we still don't know how thats going to pan out. If history serves me right we won't make the same mistakes. So what do we do now freaks?
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haarp has been in the news since the 90s. i remember reading up on it via many magazines like janes defence weekly, aviation and space technology weekly, etc etc etc

the program itself is easy to understand, and see how it can be integrated in specific weather systems..

although you begin to mess with mother nature, sometimes this may be a good thing... ie, what if you could stop a storm like katrina before it hits the coast! or a severe drought in the praries causeing great loss financially and ecologically.

obviously ever new technology has military undertones whenever possible..

another dark/black project i used to follow relogiously was the "aurora" project, the replacement for the sr 71 blackbird. it uses a different propulsion system called a pulse detonation wave engine, pulse jets, etc etc

when it reaches mach, it still fires conventional jet engines, but at mach 3, starts to turn into a scram jet, micro bursts of liquid oxygen and hydrogen causing mini explosions from the back of the engines, giving it a donuts-on-a-rope contrail/chem trail

this being said, it uses a different fuel system as mentioned, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, so it may have an exotic contrail, or different characteristic contrail from the conventional jet engine... this could help explain a few

also im pretty sure that there are many different types of jetfuel with different octanes.. i believe commercial use a variant of jp5, where as some military use jp7 and jp9..

maybe the different octanes and burn temps cause a different reaction when turning from a liquid or solid to a vapour??????

it would be ignorant to think that this technology of seeding clouds with toxins is fake, you cant deny the opportunity, and technology with a purpose, and execution that it does exist.

sooner or later technology reveals itself,


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it would be ignorant to think that this technology of seeding clouds with toxins is fake, you cant deny the opportunity, and technology with a purpose, and execution that it does exist.

sooner or later technology reveals itself,
Of course it would be foolish to deny the existence of said technology - but what IS debatable is its actual impact, the frequency of its implementation and the aims behind the program.

Chemtrail enthusiasts mistake typical contrails for "chemtrails" based on misunderstandings of the science behind the phenomenon they're seeing. Sometimes they'll persist, sometimes they'll dissipate - sometimes they'll be doing both in the same sky due to differences in humidity/temperature.

They also assert "population control" or "mind control" as part of the nefarious chemtrail conspiracy.

They'll sample the soil for barium and claim its source was a mass government aerial spraying campaign - ignoring nearby industrial sources.

No one's saying weather control technology isn't in development or in use - heck, it was front page news during the olympics.


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when it reaches mach, it still fires conventional jet engines, but at mach 3, starts to turn into a scram jet, micro bursts of liquid oxygen and hydrogen causing mini explosions from the back of the engines, giving it a donuts-on-a-rope contrail/chem trail
I remember reading a Popular Science (...hey I was still in my teens) I think in '94-5 that had a very clear picture of the donuts-on-a-rope exhaust trail taken somewhere in the Pacific I believe, not far from the continental US.


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I remember reading a Popular Science (...hey I was still in my teens) I think in '94-5 that had a very clear picture of the donuts-on-a-rope exhaust trail taken somewhere in the Pacific I believe, not far from the continental US.
theres a video on youtube taken from an aircraft carrier with a very wierd contrail at low levels, although it says its aurora, it looks to me like a cruise missle launch, but no one has confirmed or denied it yet


donuts on a rope..aurora info


also another wierd thing i keep seeing on youtube is something called sky rods, kind of an interesting animal if real,
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Well this thread has certainly taken a turn for the delicious.
I smell franchise. Suburban malls. Imagine the delight on the children's faces when mom or dad comes home with a dozen donuts on a rope! Bring the rope back for your deposit returned and a 15% off coupon!


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Holy Shitcakes! I didn't realize cruise missiles could look like that, even low over water
it said it was the aurora flying at low altitude over the water, but i think it looks more like a cruise missle contrail as its mentioned above that a contrail is a vapour trail, where i think at water level, under 500 feet above sea level, it would be harder to generate such a contrail.. thus it looks like a cruise missle rocket exhaust coming off a carrier somewhere in the gulf..

plus the aurora would only fly above 50000 ft even until it was on its final glidescope to touchdown... there was a transmission taken and recorded by "listeners" in new mexico and other desert states, "darkstar mike" the pilot, and the ATC talking him in.. like "30 miles out, 5000 above glidescope", etc etc. plus a double sonic boom would have been recorded such as previous aurora flights(never been proven or unproven),

i could talk about this secret aircraft for days on end, and the technology that came from it, area 51, lockheed skunkworks and the other black companies like EG&G, phantomworks, etc etc
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