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check your exam schedule


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I think most universities already posted them...

here is mine:

CSC340H1S	THU 25 APR	EV 7-9
ENG202Y1Y	MON 29 APR	AM 9-12
PHL201H1S	TUE 30 APR	AM 9-11
CSC364H1S	WED 01 MAY	PM 2-5
MAT223H1S	FRI 03 MAY	AM 9-12

conclusion: I'M FUCT....

CSC364 has 80% drop rate... and i have 2 other exams right before it.

fuct fuct fuct....

goodbye my hon. B.S. hello B.S.


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I might be loosing my hons aswell. :(

I'm currently .5 below where I have to be and i just got a shitty midterm back in my major. This could be the difference by the end of the semster.
How am i suposed to do better when I'm scared like this? I think that I should be exempt from finals to relieve my stress so I can study properly.