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Check this out!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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That scared the shit out of me!!!!
I am sitting here alone and I just screamed when that happened!!!!
oh my poor heart

Revenge Ian
just wait
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haha! ian sent me the link......and im getting close to the screen, and i type

'ok, so what am i supposed to do here?'

all of the sudden! holy shitballz! haha



HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm at work. At the front desk. I just spilled my drink everywhere!!!
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Originally posted by Eclipze
^^- i bet he was the kid who ran around on the playground telling kids santa wasn't real

I STILL do that.....only I like to say "Santa's dead.... and has been for a long time"

I also like to tell them...... "you're special.........and that's bad"
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that's great! jumped outta my seat, which is good considering the beer which has intoxicated my system!


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I'll give it startling anyway. very very startling! That just gave my heart enough blood pumped through my boody to keep me awake for another hour!

hehehehe I am so sending this link to my gf! :D
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