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check this out ...


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a track that a friend made in 98

he was the sysop of a bbs i used to logon to daily .. "da club bbs"

track name: DVP Vibin'
producer: Dope Groove


the zip file contains an .IT file, which can be played in winamp

just wanna show you guys what some local kids were doing in 98 and spreading around like wildfire [and filesize only 300k!!]

this guy used to be a huge inspiration for me :0)

this is what i miss about music
making a wicked track, throwing in your comments, and spreading it to all your friends

that's the love :0)

Blitz Beat
Productions '98

A late-nite road
trip with
dope groove

"DVP Vibin"

Play this when
ya coming from
the club late
at nite on the
and relax..

shouts out
to the regular
people (warmped,
david m., vicious
and the whole crew
at da club bbs)
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Dude, I have been trying for ages to find the Da Club --> VSL ---> Blitz Beat archives. Particularly the hiphop stuff because I enjoyed listening to it so much, it was fantastic to find hiphop when it wasn't very prevalent in the mod community.

Anyways I found your post after so much googling. You knew Dope Groove. That's awesome. I "auditioned" for the group, but was promptly declined due to my lack of talent, and my demo mods were terrible, which i realized later on.

So a couple questions. What are the members of VSL, Blitz, and particularly Dope Groove (he was talented) up to? I learned so much from being a part of Da Club.

Let me know if I can follow these guys anywhere now - you tube or sound cloud or anything.