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Check out this classic of horror-rap, Six Feet Deep

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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.................there's nowhere to run to baby, there's nowhere to hide

if you have that video pm me and email me

i bought the album like ten years ago
but want it on vinyl

same time as i bought artifacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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i use to drop this track sometimes at 6 in the mornin' at hop. very creepy lyrics with a dope ass beat. rza produces some of the illest beats ever. still have the 12".


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gsnuff said:
You've never heard cLOUDEAD have you?



i promise never to get paint on my glasses again ..


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Oddly enough, I used to have this as a 12" LP single.

It was definitely something different at the time, and this thread proves that it's still coming out of left field.



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Life of the check can be stopped by accident
When you’re tripping, tripping, tripping, tripping

Some people like cheeba, some like brew,
I get mad lifted off four gallons of glue,
Pretty soon I spin like a top, In the middle of the room
And the shit won't stop!
Now What I see when I triiiiippppp.......
The rats in the basement all start to flip,
All through my building, from door to door,
I swear there's a fire, so I piss on the floor,
Now down the corridor was old fat Ned,
Schemin' on a blowjob from a crackhead,
He was like `hey wanna piece little man?'
I was like `Yo, I'm better off with my haaaannnndddd!!!!!!!'
Oh shit, reality returns,
I need another hit but the glue won't burn,
I'm cukoo and murderous, Just plain nuts,
smokin' sodium pentathol cigarette butts,
and trippin'....
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I love Gravediggaz!

Don't they have a track that samples Portishead? I'm gonna re-buy this album RIGHT NOW (my original is long-lost)!