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check-in apps for ipad?


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Wondering if someone has seen/used a generic check-in app that I could use when people arrive to our store?

Would it have to be custom built OR is there one that we could play with the fields and/or have them fill out their details etc., which would go to our DB or email?

I know there are plenty in the real-estate world but not customizable and I googled "best check-in apps ipad" but did not find many results.

Has someone used something like this?


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I honestly was thinking that he wanted an app that people would check in [like foursq] and he could store/steal their personal information.


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that's what i first thought too.

a form on a website would do the trick.

but, kuba, check that go canvas site i posted. it is VERY functional and easy to use. i suck at computers and i was able to make a pretty neat form. we have a lot of forms/inspections/evaluations at work and i've used that app to start the process of going from paper carbon copy forms to paperless. the data is stored online and can also be emailed to as many recipients as you want once the form is completed.

it's cheap too. either $20/month unlimited submissions or something like $0.25/submission. well it's cheap for us. but if you're just going to use it at a store then it might be easier and much more visually appealing to build a form on a website.

if you want to hit that thai place sometime next week i can show it to you on my phone.
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octo, thanks. I will check that, $20/m is very affordable.
phat budda, I don't know how.
ravinjunkie we are not "stealing" their info for future marketing. We need their information re: wedding date etc for orders. Easier and more slick to do it direct on a pad and transfer to PC/mac than on paper and then data entry like we've been doing.
Thanks all for suggestions.