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Cheap (but decent) places to stay in NYC


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So I'm in the process of throwing together a rather shambolic trip to NYC, leaving this Thursday.

I need somewhere decent to stay. Should be fairly central, hostels (with private rooms) are cool.

And yes, Google blah blah blah...I figure many people on here have been to NYC, and can give me a better idea of how good a place is than a website can.
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you can rent out a flat/ room / aparments with lot's of extra's " washroom - kitchens " for a decent price .

We rented out one" Apartment 1 bdrm last March for $310.00 for 5 days .
Was in a perfect spot and taxi's are cheap enough or you can pay 7 bucks for a METRO PASS which you can use all day for Subway / Buses till about 3 in the morning .

I hope this helps


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diablo said:
Oh man...that place is perfect, but only has bigger rooms available for when I'm there. :(
Ahh go for it - BIGGER IS BETTER - More room for all the stuff you buy ...
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