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Cheap and Competent Bicycle Repair - Downtown


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I rode my bike in to work for the first time today since last year. I need to get the bearings in the crankset replaced.

Any recommendations for a place that is cheap and competent. It's not an expensive bike and the quote at the Sporting Life beside my house was just crazay.

Anything central would be perfect.

stew :)

glych t.anomaly

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Urbane at Queen and John st, just north on John, they would probably just replace the existing bottom bracket with a new sealed one, than try to just replace the bearings.
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if you invest in about $60-100 in tools you'll never have to see a bike repairman again
A decent work stand is more than that. That said, great idea and definitely worth learning and yes, aside from a few specialized things, like the stand it's a pretty cheap thing to get into. There's the place mentioned above at the brick works, bike pirates and a couple other places in town where you can go and learn stuff. And the internet is a big help. As with everything on the internet there is a lot of people who don't know shit (but think they do) but there are a lot of good sites too. I recommend sheldonbrown.com.

Now, not everyone has the space, time or inclination to fix their own bikes. In that case, I'd recommend the Bike Joint. Hands down the best repair shop in town.

Expect to wait at this time of year no matter what bike shop you go to. I you don't have to wait I'd be wondering why.
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I second the wait time thing. I go to Europe Bound on Front street usually (as it is close to work for repairs). Had to stop in for a quick tire repair and the guy there said the back log is at 3 weeks right now for serious repairs or maintenance.