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Che broke his cherry @ Breathe!


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Hay Che,

Congratulations mate, you broke your cherry last night. I stuck my head in the back room a couple of times and was glad to see you had that little room just rockin. It’s a great feeling your first time with a crowd; I’ll always remember mine.

Nice one bruva!



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i second that!!!! great night guys & a pleasure as always to see the familiar faces in the place...good to be back after a month of high school proms, loft parties & techno shindigs...the world famous undefeated often imitated but never duplicated breathe soundsystem rocked the place all night long, & che was grooving in the back room...tracks of the night...musica & of course a little body & soul for the heart & mind
, & i believe matt threw down minus orange (gotta love richie)...great closing tracks mark, nice & groovy with a crazy breaks track as i left...

pleasure meeting you lisa, & hoping for a few more parties b4 you head west...

tune in next week to hear miss piggy say (oops a little muppet show flashback



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Another wicked night of booze and beats at System. Che Mackers played a really nice set in the back room...some Delerium Deep Dish bizniss. Mad props to Matt Coleridge for dropping two of my fave tracks of the moment-Tom Middleton's remix of the Baguio Track, and Elisium-Part 1(whoa!). You made my night! Pure family vibe inside the place. Peace.


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It was great to see Steve having so much fun behind the decks...looked right at home. Looking forward to hearing more from him.

It was also good to see so many people I haven't seen in a while. See you all at Parks and Wilson.

Temper Tantrum

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So wicked to finally meet you Che, what a wonderful, talented and good looking DJ you are as well! For your first gig I must admit you dropped some bomb tracks, you seemed to be an old hand at it and it was your first time! Sorry I didn't catch the end of the set, but next time most definetly

looking forward to partying with ya!

t. tAnTrUm
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Let me say i had soooooo much fun last night. It felt like home behind the decks

last track ogenki clinic - first light, ohhhhhh. I know i could have played 10x better but since it was my first time i wont be so hard on myself. since i got the fist set nerves out of me i'm ready for the next one baby! it was good seeing the reaction to the baguio track (bedrock mix)

random quotes while in the booth:

"yo do you have any jungle guy?"

"know where i could find blow? no? is digital still open?" hahaha

"can i stand here and watch you mix all night?" (could have been scaife, hehe

see ya guys next friday. this is the start of something BIG
big ups to luke fair as well for this opportunity!

p.s mark, i really like your track. Top QUALITY stuff man. that vocal sample is trippy, hehehe. whats it called? it will definetly be on my playlist next time


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Che, you dropped Ogenki Clinic and I wasn't there?! ARRGHHH!!! I LOVE that track!!!

Anyways, congrats on the set, and I'll see you next week



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What can i say but another great night. Macers ripping it in the back room, M&M going at it in the main room and the bartender serving up diasters. Steve, congradulations and hope to see you do it again soon. See ya at Pappa, Ralph.
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