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ChatGPT4 and the end of civilization


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The way the AI insiders are talking about the next generation language model AI they are now working with called Chat GPT4 is disturbing

I'm not talking about the GPT3 version currently available to the public now through that OpenAI web interface everyone is playing with, this is the next gen model that is now being tested. Phrases like "exponentially better than ChatGPT3" are used and "scary good" and even just plain "scary".

I experimented with GPT3 and am unnerved by it. You can see where they are going with this. This will be the everything app. It will blow Google search away once it is unleashed I think. It will be like Alexa X 500 trillion.

I see so many potential dangers with this, not only from the AI itself (the AI destroys humanity because it's smarter scenario of science fiction stories), but also (and/or) from the group of people who control the AI. What would they do once they harness the power of essentially all human communication and information in an easily usable interface. Essentially becoming gods. What are they going to do with this power? Who will they keep it from? Who will they share it with? Will they make the world a better place? Or make shareholders richer?
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