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It's been a while...so here we go.

1. Freestylers - Get A Life (Against The Grain)
2. DJ Quest+The Breakfasterz+Ken Mac - This Way (Cyberfunk)
3. Splitloop - Both Knees (Music Downstiars)
4. Scam - Killer (Deepcut)
5. Myagi - Peas and Love (Unsigned Yet)
6. Unknown - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Hacker)
7. Stereo 8 - Can't Stop (Finger Lickin)
8. Boogie Pimps - Want Somebody To Love (Christian J Remix)
9. Soul Of Man - Dirty Waltzer (Santos Remix)
10. Dislexik - Air Of Dawn (Pure Phunk)

Big ups to kick at 2TheBeat for keeping this little Prairie Boy infused with the funk!

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1 - Dislexik - Air Of Dawn (DJ Love Mix) - Pure Phunk
2 - Sole Claw - Edge Of The Earth - Pure Phunk
3 - Scissorkicks - Black Hole Tube - 2Wars
4 - Myagi - Subversion - Splank!
5 - Sgt Rock - No School - Splank!
6 - Myagi - Kharition - 2Wars
7 - Arthur Argent - Real Fookin Noise - Whacked!
8 - DJ Love - Contact (Scissorkicks Mix) - Stellar
9 - Sly Fidelity - Skin And Bone (Original) - TCR
10 - Kahuna - What Is Kahuna? (Fatboy Slim Remix) - Kahuna Cuts


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1. Freeland - Supernatural Thing - Marine Parade
2. Plump DJ's - Creepshow - Fingerlickin
3. Sgt Rock - No School - Splank!
4. Hyper - Shock Proof - Four Twenty
5. Dan F - Line of Sight (Infusion) - Kilowatt
6. EK - Casual Concern - Sound Not Scene
7. Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Northen Lights - Mob
8. Chris Carter - Udon - Botchit
9. Andre Absolut - Northen Groove (Downpressor) - Ritmic
10. Santos - Sabot (Evil 9) - Mob


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11. Jack's Groove - White
12. Sly Fidelity - Skin and Bone (Original) - TCR
13. Brothers Bud - The Alarm
14. PFN - Flow (False Prophet) 10 Kilo
15. JDS meets Valerie M - Don't Be Alone - TCR
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Originally posted by case sensitive
Eclectic, nice track listing! Some of my fav's in there, where do I find this mix? 2theBeat.


Not a mix yet.....still waiting to get a couple of these tunes.

But if and when I do finish a mix, yeah...they'll be at 2TheBeat.


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Peas and love is signed acutally, im just not letting it out of the bag for a bit as to whos putting it out ;)


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Originally posted by !Myagi!
Peas and love is signed acutally, im just not letting it out of the bag for a bit as to whos putting it out ;)

You sir, are a tease.....

Hehe...it sounds like one of the "unfinished" ones you sent me a while ago....

Was this originally called something else?
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Myagi - Wish You Well - 2Wars
Myagi - Planetary Attack - 2Wars
Myagi - This Thing Called Love - 2Wars (summer release)
Myagi - I Got Beat Up By A 303 - Howlin'
Myagi - Subversion - SPLANK! (may release)

Myagi - Give Me All Your Beer And Women - (surprise label, scissorkicks mix)
Myagi - Jack Move Hustle - (another surprise label)

Sole Claw - Goth Chick Hand Job - Pure Phunk
Sole Claw - Edge Of The Earth - Pure Phunk (Out soon, killer Mad.Mercury Dj Whatt remix)
Sole Claw - Losing My Mind / Boombox - Pure Phunk (summer/fall release, i think)
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docta seuss

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i scored a new copy of wish you well from some store in florida over ebay for $0.99


not sure i've ever heard the track before, but for $0.99, how could i go wrong¿


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thanks for the compliments guys. wish you well still does nicely on the dancefloor....i always loaved it, but ive grown even happier with it over the last couple years. :)


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incidently...im not sure now what "loaving" something means. sounds bathroom oriented though.

i think i probably meant "loved"
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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tracks of the moment

1) Steelzawheelz ~ P-Fonk (West Records)
2) Freestylers - Get A Life (Against The Grain)
3) Scam ~ Killer (Deepcut)
4) DJ Icey ~ This DJ (Tree)
5) John and Raskal ~ Ten Daze Ago (Red Menace Records)
6) Plump DJs ~ Creepshow (Finger Lickin')
7) JDS ~ Blackout (TCR)
8) Jaydee ~ Plastic Dreams [Tayo & Acid Rockers rmx] (Positiva)
9) unknown ~ Jack's Groove (white)
10) Plan B ~ I See Girls (white)


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Influenza, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Electrofly Records, Pure Phunk Recordings, Sponge Records, Alternate Earth.
Bookings contact Nexus Artist Managment

01. Factor E - Swing Punk (Aquasky remix)
02. Tent City Rockers - Afterburn
03. Influenza - Undertone
04. Splitloop - Beauty In Me
05. Splitloop - Electric Fence (Influenza remix)
06. R.E.M. - Answers from the Great Beyond (Hybrid remix)
07. Introspective - Slavery Incorperated
08. Atomic Hooligan - Shine a Light (Introspective remix)
09. Hybrid - Higher than a Skyscraper (Twitch and Sweet mix)
10. PQM - You are Sleeping (Influenza Bootie)
11. Splitloop - Hyper Hyper (Database remix)
12. Splitloop - Beauty In Me
13. Infusion - Girls Can Be Cruel
14. Scam - Killer
15. Sgt Rock vs Influx – Escape Velocity

Sugar D

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I don't DJ but these are...

tracks I like right now... (in no particular order)

Hybrid- Unknown- (Freq Nasty Ragga Rock Relic Mix)- Distinctive
Freeland- Supernatural Thang- Marine Parade
Fine Cut Bodies- Trekk Far (Elite Force Mix)- Chi
Elite Force- Melodik Hypnotik- Kingsize
Smithmonger- Hey- Boombox
Circuit Breaker- I Tell the DJ- Dangerous Drums
McMillan & Tab- Above The Clouds- In Flight
Klaus Hill- Northern Lights- Mob
Aquasky- Ill Method- Shadow Kryptic
Dan F- Line Of Sight- Kilowatt

there's some others but my head hurts.

(sometimes it's cool to work at a distributor ;) )


The Electrician

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Woah... Im making a chart...

..:: WOMP! Chart ::.. Numbered... but not in any particular order.

1. Slyde - Krunk/That's It - Finger Lickin'
2. X-Men - Freaks - White
3. Freaked Out - White
4. Meat Katie - Turn Me Out - Kingsize
5. PQM - Are You Sleeping - White
6. Pump Dj's - Creepshop - Finger Lickin'
7. Jean Jaque Smoothie - Keep It Moving - Plastic Raygun
8. JDS - Blackout - TCR
9. Scam - Killer/So Good - Deepcut
10. The Electrician vs The Phat Conductor - Untitled (Transformer Man Rmx) - WOMP
11. All Jalepeno Records
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