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chart of stuff

jay tripwire

TRIBE Member
jay tripwire chart AUG 2003

aaron quist
original/jay tripwire rmx
random house
im biased cause its my label

fred everything feat heather-cdr
wicked dancefloor damager,heathers spoken word on this is tops!!

fred everything rmx-
still rockin this every set,quality use of the vocal and wicked bassline!!

mazi-scene shifter-cdr
this is badd ass and soulful in a dark dirty stripped down kinda way.
like being naked covered in chocolate while in a church.

inner city
big fun
kenny hawkes remix
do i need to say anything??

tommorow ltd
audio soul project rmx
acid,and a funk thats like a cab driver after a 12 hour shift

masonic noodles-
how do you feel-cdr
twisted,twisted,ill have the masonic noodles with black bean sauce and shrimp.

souldoubt-just north of south-
movim cdr
all 3 tunes here are awesome,the right blend of music and dancefloor boomp.

kenny hawkes ft louise carver-
play the game
mazi josh collins rmx-
MFF cdr
cant stop playing it......iam addicted......i need .....help.....

soul interactive(hipp-e+tony) cdr
ACID!!!! goes perfectly with a dj ali record

hogi and nathan-catch me/
adnan and nathan-ocean run-
care recordings 01
good start to a new label,west coast done with the just right blend of soul
and groove.

lost n alive-
feels like love-
tiefschwarz rmx-
milk and sugar
this remix is killer electroish house that doesnt fuck around.

swirl people-
booty box-
nice SF sounding tune,BIG BASSLINE

racky -
no miles-
reminds of something in bladerunner,futuristic!!!

nanami togarashi-
chili pepper-
WOW,nastiest bassline coupled with some detroity keys,sickness.

mr barcode
rise of the machines cdr
its the rise of the machines!!!watch out

joshua dub
the man with the golden remix is not letting us down

guided methods
nice dreams ep
its soo twisted and funky,iam having a affair with all the tracks,like a man whore!!

natasha lyonne
a perfect record that brings deep in a dancefloor package

tie me up
coco machete
soo good im playing it again,and no one can stop me

job satasfaction
david duriez rmx
david rocks a solid groove under a spectacular vocal,like hot and spicy soup

natural rhythm
scrambled heads vol1
they are rocking my world lately