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characteristics of a great ass...

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Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Lil'Timmy
Tribe Female greatest asses

1) Cri
2) Loress
3) Temper Tantrum
4) Squirrely
5) Jesux

There are possibly more, but I've only grabbed/slapped these ones.

I have this one picture of me and cri and lori from like 4 years ago showcasing our bums. i want to find it now.
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I must say, your ass is deserving of as one of the great ass awards, well done...Well done indeed.

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i think we'll have to have a ass championship contest at the march tourney.

I guess I'll be the judge...

Boss Hog

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you'll need me as a judge there too actually. I have travelled the world in search of fine asses and believe me.
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i remember that pic.... it was at Turbo for the Tribe anniversary party where Alex D was giving out that weird drink that made everyone sick the next day :p