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Chameleon 'Reptilian Genetics'


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Artist: Chameleon
Title: Reptilian Genetics
Label: Liquid Records
Format: Digital EP
Release: 2012-02-07
Catalog: LRD007


01. Tachyon Generator
02. Palladium
03. Reptilian Genetics


UK Psy trance producer Chameleon never fails to deliver as he releases
his latest EP 'Reptilian Genetics' on Liquid Records!

'Reptilian Genetics' sweeps you in with a Chameleon vs Temporal Coding
collaboration 'Tachyon Generator', tantalizing your audio taste buds!
Each track is complimented by the next with groove laden rolling bass
lines, maximized leads, head spinning riffs and breakdowns fused with
clever use of vox that simply hook you in, wanting much more!

'Reptilian Genetics' is a three track, full on psychedelic trance experience
Taking you on a refreshing, upbeat and colourful journey, ensuring that
DJS & enthusiasts alike will be supporting this latest release from
Trance floor igniting and speaker shattering….boom! This EP has it all....!!

Listen & Buy Now: [BeatPort]

Chameleon Info: [Psylicious | Chameleon] | [Facebook | Chameleon]