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Chameleon Project releases BIGFOOT!


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New Music from the Chameleon Project pt.1 (Bigfoot)

The Chameleon Project (CP) is very proud to present release of two new tracks!

The first of the three new releases is a dancefloor thumper called Bigfoot. A tribute to the unknown, all that defies explanation and things goes thump in the woods.

Download link:Bigfoot 2011

Over the last year CP has been very busy welcoming new members into the project, writing fresh material and fine tuning the chemistry. Now the brew is right and new music is here produced with taste and flow by CP’s very own Snappy Homefry at his playhouse studios.

In the coming days more new tracks will be released on chameleonproject.com, facebook and soundcloud.

These selections represent demo recordings in preparation for an upcoming Chameleon Project album in 2012.

PLAY em Loud!


Chameleon Project Facebook


Didn't quite know where to put this track it has dubstep moments but is a livetronica band
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