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CFUV 101.9 Fundraiser March 15th


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For anyone in Victoria or going to be here on the 15th/

Its fundrive time again so CFUV and Shifter are bringing you some good music for a good cause.

March 15th 2006
Jungle Room
$5 min donation.

Hrdvsion: Wagon Repair, Plak, IIWII, Traum
Great White Bird: Air Traffic recs. lotusboy.com
Kenzie: Bitchin Beats
Aperture: CFUV/Sequential Sound Box/Shifter

All proceeds from the night will go to CFUV's fundrive this year.

Also for a weekly selection of CanCon electronic music
tune in to sequential soundbox mondays 2-3pm on cfuv.uvic.ca or on 101.9FM in Vic.
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