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cervoshot - deus ex machina (psy-trance mp3 mix)


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FunkState.com presents..
cervŏshot - deus ex machina

01 - Mindelight-La Granja - Original Mix
02 - The Melovskys-Psychedelic Cowboy - For A Few Pesos More Remix
03 - GMS-No Way - Original Mix
04 - Meller-Rockable - Original Mix
05 - Psysex-New Wave Hooker - Domestic And Pixel Remix vs Original Mix
06 - Eskimo-Show Me The Money - Original Mix
07 - Cosmosis-Echoes In Eternity - Warm Saki
08 - Xerox & Illumination-Ghost In The Machine - Original Mix
09 - Meller-Fatboy - Rinkadink Remix
10 - Cosmosis-Re-Order - Original Mix

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I like this mix, although the first 2 tracks are kinda boring. After that though, there are are some wicked tracks and thick grooves being laid. DL it!