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Certification Question: MCAD?!?... (schools?)


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My work is willing to send me somewhere for a couple of days to get Microsoft certified as an Application Developer, but I've got to come up with a decent school to go to.

So I'm asking the ever wise tribe if anyone has gone, and what their experience was.

The schools I've found so far are.....
  • Learning Tree International
  • Polar Bear Corporate Edcuation Services
  • TriOS
  • Hands On Technology Transfer
anyone with any information? any experiences? anything.....
thanks in advance


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i spent last week doing a course at trios in richmond hill.

the course was meh..but the instructure was cool..very knowledgeable, and resourcefull.

there were only two others in the course, but i would recomend them to others.

a co-worker has been to polar bear, and i would have gone there, but they didnt offer the course untill february.