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cell phone unlocking


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i have a nokia 71* series and want to unlock it from the FIDO network so that i can insert others GSM cards...

anybody know how to do this?

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the last time i heard, they charged like $200 for this!

kind of defeats the whole purpose of a SIM card GSM phone, huh?


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you heard right
its pretty stupid
i paid enough money for this phone and now they want to charge me an extra $200 so that i can use the phone to its full capacity? fuck that



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On a cell phone note. I lost mine a year and a half ago. Yup September 2000 and got it back today!! It was found in montreal! WTF?!
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They charge you because Fido (and all service providers in North AMerica, where consumers are tight assed cheapos) heavily subsidized the price of the phone, and doesn't see any reason why it should sink several $hundred into the cost of your phone just so that you can take it and pay someone else for the service.

The $200 is probably the remaining cost of the handset that they have already subsidized. They're basically asking you to finish paying for the phone if you want to use it with someone else.

If you'd like to get an unlocked phone, you will quickly notice that they are a lot pricier than anything you paid for at Fido (or anywhere else)