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Celebrate Techno this weekend in Detroit!

Kung Po Beef

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Doesn't this look gooood?!!! Anyone planning on heading down to check it out?

High-Tech Soul Movie Premiere
Paxahau Promotions Group
Saturday, 4/22/2006
Presale: $25.00
Ticket Sales Stop at 10:00:00 PM (PST) 4/21/2006
Talent: Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins
Info: Detroit Premiere and after party for the internationally celebrated Techno documentary, “High Tech Soul”

After selling out 3 nights in London, being nominated for best documentary at SMMASH fest, and drawing over 1000 people at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, local filmmaker Gary Bredow brings this highly-acclaimed film back to his hometown for a Detroit celebration that promises to be one of the most talked about Electronic Music events of 2006. Being released by acclaimed music documentary company Plexi Film www.plexifilm.com, in June. High Tech Soul digs deep into the beginnings and early evolution of the music that was created in Detroit and has grown globally over the last 20 years. The film features exclusive interviews with some of Techno's instrumental figures as well as footage from some of Detroit's hottest events.

Immediately following the viewing there will be a full-on after party featuring the local legends in the film: Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Carl Craig. The entire event is structured to give the attendee a look inside the subculture that has grown to include millions of fans around the world. Please use the contact information below for press/media reservations to the event.

Info Line:(313) PAX-AHAU
Doors Open at: 9:00 PM
Ages: 18 and up
Masonic Temple
500 Temple St.
Detroit, MI 48201 United States

More info at http://www.paxahau.com/node.htm under events, high-tech soul premiere.
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Kung Po Beef

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Is everyone running around looking for a ride and are too busy to respond?

People, please, is Toronto representing???!!! I know I am!!!